Rock Band 4 Guitars Now Compatible with Fortnite Festival

Rock Band 4 Guitars Now Compatible with Fortnite Festival

25. April 2024 by Never

Epic Games has unveiled an exciting update for Fortnite Festival Season 3, allowing players to use Rock Band 4 guitars within the game. This compatibility feature is a long-awaited addition that enhances the musical experience for Fortnite players.

Key Details

  • New Season, New Features: The launch of Fortnite Festival Season 3 brought numerous surprises, including a collaboration with Billie Eilish. Alongside these exciting additions, Epic Games introduced compatibility with Rock Band 4 guitars, fulfilling a popular request from the community.
  • Compatible Peripherals: Players can now use Rock Band 4 guitars specifically within Fortnite Festival. Notably, only guitars from the Rock Band 4 franchise are compatible with the game. Additionally, Epic Games is introducing the wireless Riffmaster guitar for players who do not own the Rock Band 4 guitar.
  • Compatibility Chart: Epic Games provided a compatibility chart showcasing which platforms support Rock Band 4 guitars within Fortnite Festival. Notably, Nintendo Switch is not included due to Rock Band 4’s release predating the Switch’s market debut.


Gameplay and Features

  • Instrumental Gameplay: Rock Band 4 guitars can be used in specific song sections known as “professional lead instrument” and “professional bass.” The gameplay mechanics mirror those of Rock Band, requiring players to hit notes accurately with their guitar.
  • Future Compatibility: Epic Games hinted at upcoming compatibility updates, suggesting the potential inclusion of additional instruments like microphones and drums. Harmonix, the developer behind Fortnite Festival, is working to expand musical instrument compatibility within the game.

Fortnite Festival: Elevating Music and Gaming Experiences

Fortnite Festival continues to evolve with exciting musical features, enriching gameplay experiences for music lovers and gamers alike. Stay tuned for more updates and instrument compatibility expansions from Harmonix and Epic Games.