RMR Americas: Team Liquid to Face BESTIA after Rocket’s Withdrawal

RMR Americas: Team Liquid to Face BESTIA after Rocket’s Withdrawal

24. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Amidst controversy, Rocket exits the RMR Americas, and Team Liquid steps in as BESTIA’s new opponent for the debut.

The Situation Unfolds

In recent days, qualifying tournaments have begun to determine the 24 teams competing in the Copenhagen Major. Europe was the first region to kick off, soon followed by Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

However, the news in the Americas region came from outside the server. On Thursday, PGL announced that Team Rocket, BESTIA’s initial opponent in the first match of the RMR Americas, withdrew.

This decision came after the North American team admitted to having their coach present during the Closed Qualifier matches, which is prohibited in Valve events. Additionally, EMIYA, one of their players, received a FACEIT ban for cheating.

Adjustments in Matchups

As a result, the Rocket team will not participate in the RMR Americas, and their replacement has been confirmed as NRG. Consequently, one might think that BESTIA would face NRG in the competition’s opening match.

However, the team change altered the Swiss format, and the Argentine squad will now go up against Team Liquid, one of the strongest teams in the RMR. Naturally, this did not sit well with some BESTIA fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

Uncertainty and Confusion

While PGL has not officially released the match details, it can be deduced that the change in matchups is due to the seeding in Valve’s regional ranking. Despite this, it’s worth noting that NRG is not listed in the same ranking, last updated in December 2023.

Obviously, this has caused some confusion among BESTIA followers and even within the organization. It remains to be seen whether PGL will provide an explanation for the change in pairings in the coming days.

NRG Replaces Rocket in CS2 Americas RMR After Admit to Breaking Rules


In conclusion, the RMR Americas will kick off on March 1st and will award a total of 5 slots for the Copenhagen Major. The date and time for BESTIA’s debut against Team Liquid are yet to be confirmed.