Riot’s New “Anti-Smurf” Bots Delight League of Legends Community on Reddit

Riot’s New “Anti-Smurf” Bots Delight League of Legends Community on Reddit

24. March 2024 by Never

The League of Legends subreddit, one of the largest gaming communities worldwide, is buzzing with praise for Riot Games’ latest innovation: revamped bot difficulty levels, hailed as an “anti-smurf” measure.

Game-Changing Update

Version 14.6 of League of Legends introduces a significant change to the AI behavior in Co-op vs. AI mode, a staple feature of the game for years. Designed primarily for new players to learn the basics of Riot Games’ MOBA, this mode also attracts seasoned players looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.

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Community Reception

Following the patch rollout, feedback from users on the League of Legends subreddit has been overwhelmingly positive. Players commend Riot Games for creating bots that provide an ideal learning environment for newcomers, despite occasional criticisms about bot behavior.

Perfect for Newcomers

Many players appreciate the new AI’s suitability for novices, as it offers a balanced challenge for those learning to manage lanes and navigate enemy aggression.

The revamped bots are particularly effective for teaching fundamental gameplay mechanics, contributing to a smoother onboarding experience for new players.

Anti-Smurf Measures

One of the most significant benefits of the updated bots is their role in deterring smurf accounts. Smurfing,

The practice of experienced players creating secondary accounts to play against lower-skilled opponents, is now less viable due to the increased difficulty and improved performance of the bots. As a result, smurfers may find it more challenging to exploit Co-op vs. AI matches for quick level-ups.

Intermediate bots. New patch good idea, bad execution.
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Riot’s Introduction of Advanced Bots Supports Newcomers and Deters Smurfing for a Better Gaming Experience

Riot’s implementation of advanced bots in League of Legends represents a positive step forward for the community. While these bots may not pose a challenge for experienced players, they offer valuable support for newcomers and less proficient players. Additionally, their role in discouraging smurfing contributes to a more balanced and enjoyable gaming environment for all.