Riot Unveils Illaoi Gameplay for 2XKO Fighting Game

Riot Unveils Illaoi Gameplay for 2XKO Fighting Game

24. April 2024 by Never

Riot Games has revealed Illaoi’s gameplay for the highly anticipated 2XKO fighting game, showcasing the Slaughter Daughter’s prowess in combat.

Introduction to Illaoi in 2XKO

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, has made her debut in the world of 2XKO, bringing her dominating presence and tentacle-wielding abilities to the fighting game genre. Designed to be a formidable force on the battlefield, Illaoi unleashes the power of her idol and utilizes her tentacles to devastating effect.

Caroline Montano, game designer for 2XKO, introduced Illaoi as the latest addition to the roster. Maintaining her imposing appearance from Summoner’s Rift, Illaoi towers over her opponents in 2XKO, wielding her golden totem to channel the might of her idol and deliver punishing blows with her trademark tentacles.

Gameplay Mechanics

Illaoi’s gameplay in 2XKO revolves around summoning and activating spiritual tentacles to deal massive damage to her foes.

Players will focus on chaining together powerful strikes while strategically positioning tentacles to block opponents and create devastating combos. Illaoi can manipulate the position of her tentacles to ensure they remain within striking distance at all times.

While tentacles play a crucial role in Illaoi’s combat style, she is far from being a puppeteer character. Illaoi excels in close-quarters combat, delivering potent blows with her fists while her opponents attempt to dismantle her tentacles.

However, as enemies destroy her tentacles, Illaoi becomes increasingly vulnerable, emphasizing the importance of tactical positioning and strategic decision-making.

Special Moves

One of Illaoi’s signature moves transports her opponent to a meeting with Nagakabouros after she extracts their spirit, reminiscent of her abilities in League of Legends. Using her tentacles, Illaoi drags her foe to the depths of the ocean, unleashing the full wrath of the Kraken Priestess.

Event Availability

Fans eager to experience Illaoi’s gameplay in 2XKO can look forward to her debut at the upcoming EVO Japan event on April 27th.

As Riot Games continues to expand its gaming portfolio, the inclusion of Illaoi in 2XKO demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering unique and engaging experiences across different genres.