Riot to Unveil Highly Anticipated New VALORANT Map at VCT Masters Shanghai

Riot to Unveil Highly Anticipated New VALORANT Map at VCT Masters Shanghai

1. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

After eight months since the launch of the Sunset map, Riot Games is poised to reveal a brand-new VALORANT map at the upcoming VCT Masters Shanghai event. The announcement of this new map was cleverly teased in Episode Eight, Act Three’s poster, released alongside an exciting announcement trailer on April 30.

Decoding the Teaser

The poster prominently features Omen, Clove, and Iso against a mysterious backdrop, hinting at the imminent map reveal during VALORANT Masters Shanghai. While Riot has not officially confirmed the poster as a map teaser, players have enthusiastically speculated on potential features based on the imagery.

Speculations and Theories

Players have suggested that the new map could be underground or boast significant verticality, inspired by the eerie setting of the poster. Some theorize a connection between Omen, Iso, Clove, and the new location hinted at in the teaser.

Further intrigue arises from in-game clues, such as a voicemail from Clove to Brimstone in Patch 8.07, referencing a “secret cavern” at a new Hourglass base—potentially aligning with the description of the new map. The backdrop of the poster resembling cave interiors adds fuel to these speculations.

Additionally, given Riot’s consistent efforts to represent China in VALORANT and the location of the map reveal at VCT Masters Shanghai, speculation suggests that the map could be based in China. However, these theories are purely speculative and should be approached with caution.

Anticipated Reveal Date

VCT Masters Shanghai commences on May 23, with the map likely to be revealed during the tournament’s finals, expected around June 9. This strategic timing by Riot coincides with community frustrations over VALORANT’s map pool, particularly highlighted in Episode Eight, Act Two.

Omen valorant


The impending reveal of a new VALORANT map is met with great anticipation from the community, offering fresh content amid ongoing feedback about map preferences.

While the map’s specifics remain shrouded in mystery, the VCT Masters Shanghai promises an exciting unveiling for VALORANT enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for updates and the official debut of this eagerly awaited addition to the VALORANT universe.

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