Riot Games and Moonton Games Settle Legal Dispute

Riot Games and Moonton Games Settle Legal Dispute

3. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games and Moonton Games have officially reached a global agreement to put an end to their longstanding intellectual property disputes. This resolution marks the culmination of a legal battle that has spanned several years, dating back to 2017.

Background of the Dispute

The dispute between Riot Games and Moonton Games originated in 2016 when Riot Games first filed complaints against Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA with Google and Apple, alleging copyright infringement. Subsequently, Moonton Games removed the game from the app stores and relaunched it as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Origin and Evolution

In July 2017, Riot Games escalated the conflict by taking legal action against Moonton in China, accusing the developer of copying elements from League of Legends. The legal battle extended to the United States in May 2022, with Riot Games alleging that the MLBB logo imitated that of LoL. However, a California district court dismissed this claim, directing Riot Games to pursue the dispute in Chinese courts due to various factors.

The Settlement Agreement

In an email statement shared with the media, Moonton Games confirmed the conclusion of a “global agreement” between the two companies. As a result, Riot Games will withdraw all related lawsuits pertaining to the intellectual property disputes.


Official Announcement

The statement from Moonton Games read: “MOONTON Games and Riot Games have reached a global agreement on their intellectual property disputes. After several rounds of communication, the two parties officially signed a settlement agreement recently, and Riot decided to formally withdraw the related lawsuits.”

Implications and Future Outlook

The settlement between Riot Games and Moonton Games signifies a significant milestone in the resolution of their legal disputes. While the exact terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, the conclusion of the legal battle brings closure to a protracted and contentious chapter for both companies.

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Resolution and Closure

With the cessation of litigation, both Riot Games and Moonton Games can now focus their efforts on their respective game development endeavors. The resolution paves the way for potential collaboration opportunities in the future and fosters a more amicable relationship between the two entities.

Final Thoughts: Looking Ahead

As the dust settles on the legal dispute between Riot Games and Moonton Games, the gaming industry observes the conclusion of a complex and multifaceted conflict. While the specifics of the settlement remain confidential, the resolution underscores the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the digital landscape.

As both companies navigate the aftermath of the legal settlement, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the potential innovations and collaborations that may emerge from this newfound resolution.

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