Delays Expected for New League of Legends Champions Following Riot Layoffs

Delays Expected for New League of Legends Champions Following Riot Layoffs

29. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The video game industry faces challenging times, and Riot Games is not immune. Recent layoffs affecting a significant portion of its workforce, including over 530 positions, are set to impact the release schedule of new champions in League of Legends.

The Scale of Cutbacks

  • Riot Games announced an 11% reduction in staff.
  • Key departments, including esports (LEC and LCS) and champion design teams, faced cuts.
  • Among those affected is the designer of the new champion, Smolder.

Delayed Releases and Adjustments in Schedule

Alexia “Riot Lexical” Gao, the champions’ product manager at Riot Games, confirmed that these layoffs would result in delays in upcoming releases. This setback is not limited to new champions but also extends to planned reworks within the game.

Riot Lexical’s Statement:

  • Ongoing evaluation of what can be supported in terms of deadlines.
  • Upcoming roadmap will provide more detailed information.
  • Confirmation that the releases of Smolder and Skarner’s rework remain unaffected.

Commitment to Deliver Announced Content

Despite the challenging circumstances, Riot Lexical assures that the team is dedicated to delivering all previously announced elements. This commitment likely includes Ambessa Medarda and the rework of an Arcane character. Fans and players are advised to look forward to the next champion roadmap for updates on new release timelines.

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Impact of Layoffs at Riot Games

Players of League of Legends should brace for some adjustments in the champion release schedule. While Riot Games navigates through this period of transition, the commitment to delivering quality content remains a priority. Stay tuned for the upcoming roadmap for the latest updates on the release schedules and future plans.