Riot Games will allow organizations to sign up emergency players

Riot Games will allow organizations to sign up emergency players

30. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Last Sunday, the players’ association voted to determine if a player strike would occur. In the vote, the decision was made to start the strike, meaning a possible delay in starting the LoL league.

In response to the strike, Riot Games has authorized organizations to make last-minute additions before the start of the 2023 Summer Split. With this new measure, Riot Games intends to keep the league start date as scheduled in the calendar.

On the other hand, with Riot’s emergency signing measure, organizations can sign any player of any rank.

Riot Games will allow organizations to sign emergency players

According to information revealed by Travis Gafford on Hotline League yesterday, Riot Games has surprisingly decided to temporarily remove all rank criteria for making new player signings.

By removing the rank requirements, organizations have a wider range to sign players and replace all those who have decided to go on strike.

Riot Games rules for the LCS

Since the inception of the North American league, the regulations have been the same. In addition, LCS players needed to have a solo queue rank of diamond or higher.

However, this rule has recently been changed, and for now, players will not be required to have any rank to participate in the North American LoL league.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that LCS players will not have to go to the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles to compete. However, this is also a temporary measure.

The LCS Players’ Association has spoken out

Yesterday the LCS Players Association stated possible last-minute player substitutions. In the statement, the players’ association states that they know Riot Games’ attempts to maintain the schedule. Furthermore, in the statement, they ask all non-league players to reject all offers of substitutions. At the same time, they comment that, with this strike, all players in North America will win.

But that’s not all; the statement also warns that any player who breaks the limits puts at risk the career of all current players in the LCS and players in the NACL and amateur leagues.

On the other hand, the players’ association asks all those players who have already accepted a replacement contract to get advice on handling the situation and free themselves from any commitment.

To conclude the statement, the LCSPA comments that the players will stand in solidarity with the strike, and all attempts to sign new players will fail. They also add that the only way for Riot to guarantee the start of the league is to reach an agreement over the table.

Start of the new season

The new season’s start may occur as scheduled on June 1. First, however, remember that the 10 LCS teams have a contract that obliges them to compete. We must wait to see if they manage to replace all the players on strike or if the LCSPA and Riot Games agree.