Riot Games reveals details of upcoming agent Deadlock

Riot Games reveals details of upcoming agent Deadlock

23. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has achieved a lot of success with VALORANT. Since the game’s release three years ago, its player base has grown significantly. Undoubtedly, this growth of the game is due to its great tactical gameplay and playable agents.

Another important factor for the game’s growth is that VALORANT’s developers constantly create new content. Recently, they have revealed details of the new agent called Deadlock coming to the game.

Riot Games reveals details of the upcoming agent Deadlock

The VALORANT gaming community is happy, thanks to all the information revealed by Riot Games about Agent Deadlock. Recently, the developers of the game in the most recent Dev Diaries announced a lot of new features coming to the game.

Best of all, the content the developers have discussed is coming to VALORANT at the start of Season 7. Here are some of the new additions to the game:

  • New “Team Deathmatch” game mode.
  • New payment system
  • Items from the previous battle pass
  • New agent

Each addition to the game is important, and players are excited about everything they can enjoy in season 7. But undoubtedly, the best and most anticipated by the players is the arrival of the new agent, Deadlock.

New trailer about Agent Deadlock

Recently, on the official Twitter account of VALORANT, the game’s developers have confirmed some rumors about the 23rd agent coming to the game. This agent will be called Deadlock and belongs to the sentry class, as rumored some time ago.

In the trailer posted on VALORANT’s Twitter account, you can see images of what appears to be the new agent’s workstation. Deadlock will arrive in the game to lower the ego of agents Cypher and Sova a bit.

Undoubtedly, the second half 2023 will be very entertaining for all VALORANT players, as Deadlock will not be the only agent yet to arrive. Before this year ends, another agent joins the VALORANT roster.

VALORANT Agent 24 rumors

Thanks to the trailer recently revealed by the developers of VALORANT, it is rumored that the 24th agent in the game is a woman. This agent apparently has abilities to hack or manipulate the talent of her enemies. All these rumors arise from the image of the woman I briefly appreciated on the screen. However, as the information we have so far is very little, they are only rumors.

However, the next agent to arrive at VALORANT is expected to be revealed at the grand finale of the Master’s Championship. Given that the grand final will be held in a few days, likely, we will soon know other details of the Deadlock agent.