Riot Games reveals details of “Sunset,” the new map for VALORANT

Riot Games reveals details of “Sunset,” the new map for VALORANT

27. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has announced the next big thing coming to its “tactical shooter.” Sunset is the stunning new VALORANT map that will be added to the game soon.

After receiving some unexpected new features during the first part of the year, VALORANT is back to normal. This is no small achievement for a video game constantly adding new people and events. On this occasion, it was time for the premiere of a new map, and Riot Games wanted to present it in style.

Sunset, a new scenario based on the city of Los Angeles that is expected to be one of the most magnificent in terms of aesthetic and artistic level, comes to VALORANT to reinforce the game.

Sunset is the most beautiful map in VALORANT

The name Sunset has been a declaration of intent by Riot Games. The developer’s goal with this map is to “encapsulate that Los Angeles sunset ambiance with a pink sky and high shadows.”

Bringing this concept to fruition was quite a challenge, and they had to make everything a bit uglier on purpose for clarity. They say that the early concepts for this new scenario “were going to affect the gameplay experience negatively” and that they were forced to compromise between artistic aspiration and lighting that would preserve the spirit of the competition.

Despite this minor development anecdote, the fact remains that Sunset is still a visually stunning production that makes numerous allusions to the American city. Depending on the region of the map in which we find ourselves, there are also numerous lighting variations. For example, one region of the map alternates between open spaces lit by a setting sun and slightly darker regions. Considering that Riot Games is headquartered in Los Angeles, it is certain that the team there had no problem coming up with ideas.

Dynamics changes in the new VALORANT map

As for the most recent releases, a change in gameplay is noticeable. We are facing one of the simplest maps in the game, although we will undoubtedly discover details in the tactical field when playing. A situation with three lanes and two spike planting zones in which controlling the central zone will be crucial for success. There are no special mechanics, although they experimented with “acid puddles that damaged players who stepped in them” during development. However, sliding doors return to Sunset. They work in much the same way as those in Ascent.

Sunset map launch

The map will be available when Episode 7 Act 2 launches on August 29, 2023. Following the developer’s usual release format, it is expected to be playable in normal games or a specific list of games where only the new scenario is available. It will not be included in ranked games until a later patch, expected around September 12. At that time, Sunset will begin participating in the official competitive rotation.