Riot Games reveals all the details of Briar, the new LoL Champion

Riot Games reveals all the details of Briar, the new LoL Champion

31. August 2023 by miranda angeles

With an amazing video presentation, Riot Games presents to the world its new creation in League of Legends. Briar is the next LoL champion, and the game developers have introduced her with a very funny video highlighting several of her best traits.

The Story of Briar: The Next LoL Champion

Briar was born from the hand of the Black Rose after being created with hemomancy or blood magic. The Noxian organization designed Briar to be a living weapon capable of tearing apart her opponents. To achieve this, the Black Rose held Briar prisoner in a state that kept her frantic and bloodthirsty. However, Swain captured Briar after failing to fulfill the Black Rose’s objective on her first expedition.

After being imprisoned in a pillory, Noxus added a crystal known as a hemolith to her. Thanks to this gem, Briar remains serene and free of the desire to murder. Despite this, the creature has managed to release the hemolith and unleash its unstoppable power. Briar has escaped from her captivity on Noxus and now wanders the world with two personalities: one who needs to eat to survive and another who is curious about everything. She is hungry and bloodthirsty.

Briar’s Abilities

As we can see in the trailer, Briar can attack her opponents with unbridled attacks. Her skill kit focuses specifically on these attacks. On the other hand, Briar, the new League of Legends jungler, has many skills that will help her focus on her target. The ability to detach the hemolith and unleash her hungriest form will be in her ultimate ability. Below, we tell you about all of the Briar’s abilities:

[Passive] Crimson Curse

Briar’s attacks and abilities apply bleed stacks for a short period. Briar obtains additional healing depending on the amount of health he lacks. Damage inflicted by bleed stacks heals Briar’s life by a percentage. On her own, Briar has no base health regeneration, and her abilities cost a percentage of her health.

[Q] Go for the jugular:

Briar lunges at her target, stuns her briefly, deals physical damage, and reduces her Armor.

[W] Bloody Frenzy

Briar jumps to a point and enters the Bloody Frenzy condition, provoking herself to attack the nearest enemy. For the bloody frenzy, Briar increases attack speed and movement speed.

[E] Bloodcurdling howl

Briar releases Bloodthirsty Frenzy and builds up energy in a bloodcurdling scream, minimizing the damage taken and repairing herself. When Briar is cast, she lets out a shriek that thrusts if fully charged and deals damage based on the duration of the charge. The target of Briar’s attack is shocked if it hits a wall.

[R] Bloody end

Briar delivers a critical hit and jumps to where the first champion hits. Upon landing on the champion, Briar deals a large amount of physical damage in the vicinity and causes other enemies to flee. She will chase the prey marked by Briar until one of them dies. Briar gains additional Armor, Magic Resistance, and Speed during this time.

As you can see, Briar is a champion focused on hunting. Briar joins LoL with a fresh and intriguing mechanic focused on assaulting a target, with the jungle being her main function. Briar’s fighting style consists of pouncing on enemies and digging as far as possible. Her W, which will support her in her hunt and heal her while dispatching her target, is the cornerstone of her skill set.

Her ultimate ability is undoubtedly the one that attracts the most attention. This skill has almost worldwide use. It will be difficult for Briar’s ultimate ability to reach the right target, but if it does, the champion will be in the perfect situation to complete her mission.

Launch of the new LoL Champion

On September 13, Briar will formally enter the LoL servers. However, starting today, August 31, the most curious players can test Briar when she debuts on the PBE server (public test server).