Riot Games presents the “Soul Fighter” event this summer

Riot Games presents the “Soul Fighter” event this summer

27. June 2023 by madara s

Riot Games has launched a special celebration to mark the arrival of summer. The League of Legends developers have presented Soul Fighter, a summer event. This event will unite all the titles that belong to the Runeterra universe.

Riot Games presents the event for this summer

Riot Games has published a video full of news offering us a preview of what Soul Fighter will be. Without a doubt, this summer will be incredible for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra lovers; each of these games will receive incredible new features as part of the summer event, which will last six weeks.

Now, so that you don’t miss any details of this summer event, we bring you an article explaining what Soul Fighter is all about and what Riot Games will add to its games.

Soul Fighter is the theme that defines Riot Games’ summer event; this event takes inspiration from fighting games and their characteristic street and cartoon animation. Although the event is still a few weeks away, Riot Games has already shown much of what it will offer its titles. The event will begin on July 20 and end on August 28.

For this summer event, new champions, thematic aspects, game modes, and an important part of the history of this universe are expected to arrive. Below we tell you in detail what Soul Fighter adds to each of Riot’s games.

Soul Fighter: Riot Games’ summer event on Runeterra

According to the information revealed by the Riot team, these are the new features coming in summer in each game:

League of Legends

  • New game mode: 2v2v2v2v2 arena
  • New champion: Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites.
  • Aspects: Almic line of fighters
    • Samira (Ultimate Aspect)
    • Viego (Legendary Aspect)
    • Naafiri
    • Shaco (With Prestige Edition)
    • Pyke (With Prestige Edition)
    • Lux
    • Sett
    • Jhin
    • Gwen
    • Evelynn
  • Soul Fighter 2023 Battle Pass
  • Tournament of Souls (Exclusive Customer Story with Samira)
  • 20% of funds raised by Samira Soul Fighter, event pass, and bundle sales will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund for donations.

Teamfight Tactics

  • Strategists: Gwen Chibi, Gwen Almic Brawler Chibi (Mythic)
  • Arena: Tournament of Souls Arena
  • Mini Legend Special: Khaat’Sai
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • New game mode: Combat of Souls
  • Pachonc’s Dome (TFT exclusive story)

League of Legends: Wild Rift

  • New game mode: Team Duel
  • New champion: Nilah, Joy Unleashed
  • Exclusive aspects of the Almic fighters of the Wild Rift:
    • Nilah
    • Draven (With Prestige Edition)
    • Yasuo
    • Irelia
    • Xin Zhao
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • Wild Rift Exclusive Narrative Experience

Legends of Runeterra

  • Aspects:
    • Nidalee (LoR exclusive)
    • Samira
    • Viego
    • Sett
    • Jhin
    • Gwen
    • Pyke
    • Evelynn
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • New gestures and card backs