Riot Games’ plans for the VALORANT Champions Tour for 2024

Riot Games’ plans for the VALORANT Champions Tour for 2024

25. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Riot Games has revealed all the plans for the VALORANT Champions Tour for 2024. The developer has commented on the changes and new features of the VALORANT competitive scene for the upcoming season.

Yesterday was a day of surprise for VALORANT fans. Although the World Championship is still in progress, we already know a lot of news about the upcoming season.

The VALORANT Champions Tour celebrates its fourth anniversary of play

Undoubtedly, the calendar is one of the big problems of the game at the moment. Competitions for some teams usually end in August or September if they make it to the championship round. But, most of the time, the season ends in June or July, which makes it difficult for organizations to maintain their squads. That is why the game developer wants to change some points, including the calendar.

Riot Games has commented that they are quite proud of what they have achieved this year, particularly how the teams have maintained their squads. The developer comments that they are quite satisfied with what we have achieved this year, particularly how the teams have taken a step forward to promote the sport and their athletes. Furthermore, they state that, in 2024, they hope to give the best players even more opportunities to shine and stand out.

Then, the developer commented that they would change the season design to improve the progression of esports. In this way, they want to increase VALORANT’s global presence and offer players and fans new ways to participate in the game.

Qualifier tournament

The 2024 season will have a different start. If this year was the VCT LOCK|IN Rio, 2024 will offer new features. VALORANT’s top leagues will hold a two-week tournament to select the top 8 teams. These teams will be the ones to compete in the VCT Masters, to be held in Madrid in the spring of 2024. A competition will define which team is the best in the world.

Changes in Tier 2

Another aspect to be considered among the changes presented by Riot Games is the changes for the Challenger Leagues. We are talking about the tier 2 competitions, in which teams can continue improving to try to surprise the tier 1 teams. The tier 2 calendar will be much longer, so teams will have competitions throughout the year. This way, organizations will have more continuity with their players and partners. For their part this season, we have seen how some Tier 2 teams have managed to succeed at the highest level in Europe, North America, or Asia.

Championship points

Unlike this season, “championship points” determine who qualifies for the World Championship or the second Masters of the year in China. Teams will earn these points based on their performance throughout the year. Riot Games hopes that the ranking will be much fairer with the championship points. In addition, this way, they will ensure consistent teams and avoid having teams experiencing peaks of good form.

Arrival of the fourth league of the VALORANT Champions Tour

It was inevitable that China would have its official tournament, and now RIOT has made it official. As the fourth competition with direct access to international events, a league that is on par with Europe, America, and the Pacific in terms of level. In this way, companies such as EDward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, or FunPlus Phoenix, which have amazed this year, will be able to expand with the help of Riot Games.