Riot Games partnerships for the EMEA Masters

Riot Games partnerships for the EMEA Masters

4. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Without giving us time to recover from the emotional hangover of the end of the Super League and the rest of the European regional leagues, LoL’s EMEA Masters 2023 arrived in the blink of an eye, where 28 teams will face each other looking to become champions.

Yesterday, March 3rd, Riot Games unveiled their partnerships for the EMEA Masters; a new competition focusing on ERLs that will kick off in a few hours.

Riot Games Partnerships for EMEA Masters

Riot Games has been known for creating solid partnerships with international companies for its various tournaments. This year’s EMEA Masters will be no different, and Riot’s management has let it be known.

Yesterday, on the official EMEA Masters Twitter account, Riot’s partners were announced. For this competition, they have partnered with Secretlab and Warner Music.

Riot’s first partner, Secretlab, will provide all the gaming chairs for the tournament. Warner Music, meanwhile, will be the official music provider for the EMEA tournaments.

Both companies have had a long-standing relationship with Riot Games and will form a fantastic trio of partners together with the recently revealed KitKat brand.

Riot’s partnerships over the past few years

For the past five years, Riot has been working with Warner Music; this time, they hope to offer all EMEA viewers great music while watching their favorite teams play.

Riot Games executives have commented that Warner has been a key partner over the years, as they have significantly enhanced the experience for LoL fans enjoying the tournaments. They also add that all fans watching this year’s EMEA broadcasts can listen to amazing artists.

Secretlab, for its part, will maintain its position as the supplier of the Gaming Chair. Thanks to this partnership, the top players at the Spring and Summer EMEA will receive the best chairs from the manufacturer, the “Secretlab TITAN Evo.”

Riot’s Head of Esports Partnerships EMEA, Eva Suarez, has reaffirmed that Secretlab and Warner Music have been key partners of Riot for many years. She adds that she is happy to work with these two great companies again this year.

On the other hand, Eva Suarez comments that Riot is focused on providing better experiences daily to all LoL players and fans. Thanks to these partnerships, they can raise the bar for EMEA 2023.

EMEA Masters 2023

EMEA Masters starts today, March 4; the competition starts with a play-in phase. As previously mentioned, 28 teams will be fighting for the coveted title of winners in the competition.

However, out of the 28 teams, only the best 16 will advance to the final round.