Riot Games’ New Policy: Employees Prohibited from Streaming

Riot Games’ New Policy: Employees Prohibited from Streaming

19. March 2024 by Never

The recent announcement by Riot Games, as communicated by Spideraxe, has stirred significant controversy within the League of Legends community. Many are stunned by Riot Games’ decision, which seems to contradict its reputation as a company that values community feedback and engagement.

About Riot Games

Riot Games has long been regarded as a close-knit and community-oriented company, attributing much of its success to the support of hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. Additionally, Riot values its employees, past and present, who have contributed to the company’s growth and success in various roles.


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The New Policy

According to Spideraxe, a prominent Twitter user known for sharing League of Legends news, Riot Games has implemented a new policy prohibiting its employees from monetizing streams of their games. This unexpected move has raised questions and concerns within the community.

Implications and Reactions

While Riot Games employees are still permitted to stream their games, they are no longer allowed to earn income from these streams. This decision has left many perplexed, as it seems counterintuitive for employees to dedicate their time and efforts to promoting the games they work on without the opportunity for financial compensation.

Riot Employees are no longer allowed to monetize their streams when they’re streaming Riot’s games
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Community Confusion: Riot Games’ Decision Sparks Frustration Over Stream Monetization Policy

Riot Games’ decision to prohibit its employees from monetizing game streams has caused confusion and frustration within the community. As the company navigates this new policy, transparency and open communication will be crucial in maintaining trust and collaboration between Riot Games and its community.