Riot Games Unveils New Esports Stadium in Berlin for LEC and VCT

Riot Games Unveils New Esports Stadium in Berlin for LEC and VCT

28. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of esports continues to witness remarkable growth, with Riot Games at the forefront of this expansion. The company has confirmed the establishment of a new esports stadium in Berlin.

Which will be the central hub for major European leagues, including the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

Riot’s Commitment to Berlin

  • No Move to Spain: Contrary to speculations, Riot Games has decided not to relocate its major franchise leagues to Spain. The new stadium solidifies Berlin as the long-term home for these competitions.
  • A Decade in Berlin: Riot Games has been operating in Berlin since the inception of the LCS nearly a decade ago, and this new development reaffirms their commitment to the city and country.

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Riot Games Arena: A New Esports Landmark

  • Leading Facility: The Riot Games Arena, as named by the company, is set to be a leading global esports venue. Alberto Guerrero from Dotesports mentions Riot’s long-term commitment to this facility.
  • Innovative Operations: The arena will involve all esports operations of the company, showcasing Riot’s innovative approach to broadcasting and event management.

Technological Advancements and Broadcast Infrastructure

  • Remote Broadcasting System: Riot has developed a remote installation system, allowing multiple broadcasts from the same location for different esports. This system is supported by an infrastructure based in Dublin, enhancing the broadcast capabilities of the stadium.

The Future of LEC and VCT

  • Launch in January 2024: The stadium is set to open in January 2024, becoming the official venue for LEC and VCT matches.
  • A New Era for European Esports: This development marks the beginning of a new era for European esports, promising enhanced experiences for both players and fans.

Great News for the Esports

For esports enthusiasts, the Riot Games Arena in Berlin is a destination to look forward to. It represents the evolving landscape of esports, combining cutting-edge technology with the excitement of competitive gaming.