Riot Games launches new feature to fight toxicity in LoL

Riot Games launches new feature to fight toxicity in LoL

20. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For many years toxicity has been present in LoL; however, the game’s development team is trying to fight against this negative aspect of players. As a result, they have created a tool for players to report the toxicity of LoL enemies, even after leaving the lobby.

Riot Games launches new feature to fight toxicity in LoL

As discussed earlier, toxicity has been a part of LoL since its inception. Whether we like it or not, we often encounter different actions that some players do to annoy other participants in a game.

Some examples of toxic in-game behavior include insults, or even if a player doesn’t get along with his team; he can die on purpose to help the opposing team win the game.

However, Riot Games has tried over the years to stamp out these bad habits by punishing bad players or rewarding good players.

As the patches progress, we see how the game developers create new tools to combat those annoying players who only want to ruin the experience of others. The latest tool developed by Riot has arrived with patch 13.8. It has been through a function that allows players to inform Riot of the existence of a toxic player during games.

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What is Riot’s new tool to combat toxicity in LoL?

Often, players in a game encounter a toxic person, which makes the game experience frustrating. As a consequence, some players choose to leave the game but do not report the problematic player. But of course, many players would like to be able to return to the game and report the player to Riot Games. Unfortunately, however, this was not possible before patch 13.8.

Nevertheless, Riot has worked hard to develop this new tool. With the arrival of the patch, 13.8 players will be able to notify the game developers of a person’s toxic behavior.

This new tool allows players to access the game history and review a particular game. If they right-click on the champion in question, they will find a new option to report this player. The good news is that this reporting system has arrived in history, so they will try to fight against the toxicity of some LoL players.

Currently, the only way to expose these people is through these complaints. Sending tickets is usually not very effective. That is why we often rely on the system to detect this type of behavior, and the best way to fight against these acts is to use the report.