Riot Games Tackles Hwei’s Complex Kit with Emergency Buffs in League of Legends

Riot Games Tackles Hwei’s Complex Kit with Emergency Buffs in League of Legends

8. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has recently been put to the test with their latest League of Legends champion, Hwei. After his release, Hwei faced difficulties in fitting into the meta, prompting Riot to implement emergency buffs on December 8th.

Hwei’s Buffs: A Quick Response

  • Emergency Measures: Riot has reduced the mana cost of Hwei’s Q ability in early game and increased damage for his QQ, EQ, EW, and EE abilities.
  • Implementation: These changes have already been integrated into the League.

Community’s Mixed Reactions

  • Low Win Rate Concerns: Hwei’s initial low win rate has been the trigger for these buffs.
  • Demand for Rework: Many players argue that Hwei’s struggles stem from the high complexity of his ability kit, not its strength, leading to calls for a light rework.

Complexity of Hwei’s Abilities

  • Unique Skillset: Hwei features a total of 10 different abilities, with each stance offering three possible effects.
  • Challenging Mastery: The intricacy of mastering his Passive, Ultimate, and stances adds to the high learning curve.

Riot’s Balancing Act

  • History of Complex Champions: Riot has faced similar challenges with champions like Aphelios, known for a complex ability kit.
  • Finding the Balance: The key challenge lies in making these champions accessible yet rewarding, maintaining balance across different skill tiers.

The Aphelios Comparison

  • Balancing Challenges: Aphelios, another champion with a sophisticated kit, has not received more balance changes than others but has shown varied performance across different skill tiers.
  • Future Outlook for Hwei: Riot may face similar balancing challenges with Hwei, considering his emergency buffs post-launch.

Riot Risponds

Riot Games’ approach to Hwei highlights the delicate balance needed in champion design, especially for those with intricate ability kits.

While buffs are a step towards addressing immediate concerns, the broader issue of balancing complexity and mastery remains. Players and Riot alike will need to navigate these challenges to ensure Hwei finds his rightful place in the League of Legends meta.