Riot Games has released previews of LoL patch 13.15

Riot Games has released previews of LoL patch 13.15

27. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has informed the player community that the nerf for Naafiri in League of Legends patch 13.15 will no longer be made. According to the developer, the champion’s win percentage has “stabilized.”

LoL Patch 13.155 previews

On July 24, Riot Games made public the previews coming to the game in LoL patch 13.15. In those previews, a nerf for Naafiri was evident. However, Naafiri’s name was removed from the patch preview the next day. By removing that information, Riot Games gave the impression that Naafiti would not be affected in the next patch. However, it was not confirmed.

But, recently, Riot Games’ head of design, Stephen Auker, has been in charge of commenting on the progress of the next LoL patch. According to the information revealed by Auker, the planned changes to Naafiri will be postponed for now. Auker has confirmed that many think the champion will not be affected.

Stephen Auker commented that, earlier in the week, the LoL development team was preparing a Nerf, as they assumed Naafiri’s win rate would continue to rise. However, after a few days of observation, the developers realized that the champion’s win rate had stabilized. Therefore, Riot Games decided not to adjust Naafiri for the time being.

Nerfs to Naafiri

Recall that Naafiri received a Nerf shortly after her release, which reduced some of her powerful burst damage. Due to the adjustments in the champion, the victory rate in all ranks went from 50 to 40 points. However, according to the data published by, the champion has a mid-lane win rate of 51.59% in her main role.

As we can see, Riot Games has committed to balancing the mid-lane champion. However, Naafiri has been out of that lane for some time, mostly in the jungle.

According to Stephen Auker, the game developers are concentrating on stabilizing the center lane. In addition, he has reported that they are not making adjustments for the jungle.

At the moment, Naafiri has the worst possible combo for a champion in League of Legends. According to data published by, the champion ranks 229th due to her jungle win percentage, which is 43.69%. If you are one of the players trying to make it work in that position, we recommend you stop since Riot Games has not confirmed modifications to Naafiri’s jungle skills anytime soon.

Finally, League of Legends patch 13.15 will be released on August 2. Remember that Naafiri will not be nerfed.