Riot Games for 2024 could expand the LCS import rule

Riot Games for 2024 could expand the LCS import rule

17. April 2023 by miranda angeles

According to information leaked by an LoL player, Riot Games, by 2024, plans to expand the LCS import rule, which may translate into more international players in the LCS.

A player reveals Riot Games’ plans for 2024

The LCS is reportedly relaxing some of its rules on acquiring foreign players, at least partly. This information came to the public thanks to Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol, part of Team Cloud9 AD. Berserker, the best player of the Spring Split, in a broadcast on Twitch, commented that for next year the league would allow squads to have three foreign players.

According to Berserker, the LCS will increase the current limit of foreign players; from 2024 onwards, three players will be allowed in the squads instead of two, as the current rule states.

In MVP’s broadcast yesterday, he commented that he had heard that by 2024 up to three Korean or three Chinese players would be allowed. However, he said that this information was not confirmed at this time.

On the other hand, in Berserker’s broadcast, the player related the word import to a Korean word that translates as mercenary, which is the same as a soldier for hire. It is important to note that Berserker and his teammate Jang “EMENES” Min-soo are Cloud9’s imported players; it is also important to note that both players have been key players for their team towards the LCS championship.

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LCS Import Rules

During the last two seasons, Riot Games has not changed its mind about the import rules for foreign players. However, the developer may be considering changing its rules regarding this issue.

The last change to the rules was made in 2020 when a modification was made so players from Oceania could obtain residency in the United States.

Riot Games felt the need to implement this change as OPL talent increased in the American league. Thanks to this change, fans of the American League have seen the development of the careers of great players.

This league has been known for scouting talent overseas and doing business outside its territory. During this season’s Split, we could see how seven of the ten teams participating in the league used the two spots for imported players.

According to Berserker, the change will not take place until 2024. If this information is true, perhaps new international talents will arrive for the American League. However, for the moment, it is only a rumor; Riot Games has not given any statement on this subject.