Riot Games fans get excited about the new LoL event trailer

Riot Games fans get excited about the new LoL event trailer

26. June 2023 by madara s

Recently, Riot Games released the trailer, which many fans got excited about as they thought it was about Project L; however, it is actually about the new summer event.

The new trailer released by Riot Games

The new trailer published by Riot Games on its official YouTube channel made many developer fans think it was an update about Project L. For people who don’t know what Project L is, it is a game based on Riot Games’ League of Legends; this project was announced almost four years ago.

Now, the illusion of many people was broken when they found out that the trailer published by Riot Games was really about an event that will come to League of Legends. This video references the 2v2 Deathmatch mode and another special set of skins, a new summer event, among other things.

Riot Games Summer Event

The “Enter the Arena” video released by Riot Games references the 2023 summer league event, the “Soul Fighter.” This event is similar to past years’ events, such as Sentinels of Light or Star Guardian.

In the animated trailer, Riot Games shows the league champions preparing to fight in a large coliseum. The video also shows the spectators in the Colosseum shouting with excitement; on the other hand, an announcer encourages the audience to enjoy the battle of the champions approaching the fighting field. In this video, several champions have been included; however, due to the lighting and the way they are focused, it is difficult to distinguish who they are.

Gladiator-themed trailer

Now, fans of the video game developer for a moment came to believe that this was a teaser about Project L; people believed that the project finally had a name, and it was “Soul Fighter.” People came to think that because the video has a gladiator theme.

However, internet users quickly realized that it was actually a video announcing the event that would take place in four Riot Games games. This event occurs in League, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift.

In addition, many people rumor that the video is related to the deathmatch 2v2 mode announced by Riot Games for 2023. Recall that in April, it was rumored that this game mode would arrive by summer; with the new video, the rumors have intensified.

According to the information in the trailer, the event starts on July 20, so it is expected that Riot Games will reveal more details in the coming days.