Riot Games Unveils Plans for New EMEA Esports Headquarters in Berlin

Riot Games Unveils Plans for New EMEA Esports Headquarters in Berlin

3. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games, a leading video game publisher and esports tournament operator, has announced its plans for a new esports headquarters in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) for the 2024 esports season.

Riot Games Arena: A Global Esports Hub

Formerly the LEC Studio, the venue in Adlershof, Berlin, will be rebranded as the Riot Games Arena. This upgrade transforms it into a world-class, flexible esports facility, catering to all current and future Riot Games Esports products in the region.

Enhanced Experience and Capabilities

  • Stadium and Fan Experience: The Arena will offer an improved experience for attendees and fans.
  • Broadcasting and Production: Enhanced capabilities include using Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Center in Dublin with AWS technology. Digital technology and innovative infrastructure design will allow seamless transitions between various Riot Games Esports leagues and brands, maintaining Riot Games’ production standards.

Hosting Major Esports Events

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  • Primary Venue: The Arena will predominantly host all live League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) and VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) EMEA events with full audience attendance.
  • Remote Event Capability: It can simultaneously host other Riot Games EMEA Esports events remotely, including VALORANT Challengers Ascension, VALORANT EMEA Game Changers, EMEA Masters, and Team Fight Tactics (TFT).

Alberto Guerrero’s Statement

Alberto Guerrero, Director of Esports for the EMEA region at Riot Games, emphasizes the commitment to esports in the EMEA region. He notes that these world-leading facilities will become the heart of their esports operations, serving all competitions and preparing them for future success.

Renovating the Fan Experience

In-Person and Remote Viewing Enhancements

  • Studio Experience: Fans visiting the studio will be immersed in Riot Games EMEA Esports events, from arrival to departure.
  • Broadcast Features: Three dedicated broadcasting booths, two co-streaming booths, an LED screen on stage, and theatrical and broadcasting equipment aim to provide fans with a diverse and high-quality broadcast experience.

Sarah Joynt Borger’s Vision

Sarah Joynt Borger, Director of Media House at Riot Games EMEA, highlights the focus on player and fan needs. The goal is to bring them closer to Riot Games’ worlds, both in-person and through enhanced broadcast quality and diversity.

Stadium Features

  • Seating Arrangement: Amphitheater-style seating, new cinema chairs, and a layout bringing fans closer to the players, including an exclusive tunnel for players.
  • Adaptable Stage and Tables: The arena’s design will efficiently change to accommodate any Riot Games Esports league happening that day.