Brand’s Reign in the Jungle Curtailed: Riot’s Swift Response in League of Legends

Brand’s Reign in the Jungle Curtailed: Riot’s Swift Response in League of Legends

25. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has taken swift action to address the overwhelming power of Brand, the fiery mage, in the jungle role of League of Legends Season 14. Brand’s dominance in the early game led to a significant change in the meta, prompting an urgent response from Riot’s balance team.

Unexpectedly Early Nerfs in Patch 14.3

Initially slated for nerfs in the upcoming Patch 14.3, the balance team decided to implement changes earlier than anticipated due to Brand’s growing influence in the jungle. A hotfix update on Jan. 24 introduced two significant changes targeting Brand’s jungle capabilities.

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Key Changes in the Jan. 24 Hotfix:

  1. Reduced Monster Damage: Brand’s damage to monsters was reduced to 220 percent, impacting his jungle clearing efficiency.
  2. Blaze Stack Power Reduction: The explosive power gained through his Blaze stacks was toned down, addressing his high win rate of 57 percent post-Patch 14.2.

Shift in Brand’s Role and Jungle Meta

  • Mid Lane and Support Return: These adjustments may push Brand back to more traditional roles like mid lane or support, which have seen reduced play rates recently.
  • Opening Up Jungle Picks: Brand’s dominance had overshadowed other viable jungle champions. Post-nerf, champions like Lillia, Rengar, and Nocturne might see increased play rates.

Other Champions Affected by the Balance Changes

  • Teemo and Rumble Buffs: Alongside Brand’s nerfs, Teemo received a boost in on-hit damage, while Rumble gained more bonus ability power damage for his Electro Harpoon, along with a base attack buff. These changes aim to diversify champion viability in Season 14.


Looking Ahead to Patch 14.3 and Beyond

  • Patch 14.3 Release: Scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 7, this will be the next major update.
  • Potential for Additional Changes: Riot may implement further adjustments if other champions begin to disrupt the metagame balance.

Riot Games’ Immediate Action Against Brand’s Jungle Dominance

Riot’s quick response to Brand’s overpowering jungle role demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a balanced and diverse metagame in League of Legends.

As the game evolves, it’s crucial for players to adapt to these changes and explore new strategies and champion roles. Stay tuned for Patch 14.3 and the ongoing developments in League of Legends’ dynamic world.