Riot Unveils Revamped Berlin Arena: A New Era for EMEA Esports

Riot Unveils Revamped Berlin Arena: A New Era for EMEA Esports

11. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has just lifted the curtains on the newly renovated Riot Games Arena in Berlin. Known previously as the LEC Studio, this facility has been transformed into a world-class esports venue. Its debut is set to coincide with the 2024 LEC Winter Split kickoff this weekend, but fans got an exclusive first look today, courtesy of Riot.

The Arena’s New Features and Facilities

The revamped arena, now the hub for Riot Games EMEA Esports, is designed to host LEC and VCT EMEA events and support other competitions remotely. Highlights of the renovation, which started in September 2023, include:

  • Enhanced Seating: The seating capacity has been increased by 20%, now accommodating 210 spectators with cinema-style and amphitheater setups.
  • Fan Experience Enhancements: The fan area boasts significant upgrades:
    • An EMEA Esports Hall of Fame featuring digital displays for league transitions.
    • A caster viewing area with a transparent window.
    • The ‘fan tunnel’ for player interactions.
    • A new meet-and-greet zone, cafe, and food stations.
    • An improved fan lounge and a dedicated merch store.

Riot Games Arena Amphitheatre style seating

Player and Team Amenities

  • Dedicated Warm-Up Rooms: Six new rooms, up from four in the LEC Studio.
  • Player Lounge and Huddle Spaces: Enhanced areas for relaxation and team strategy discussions.

Behind-the-Scenes Upgrades

  • Remote Broadcast Capabilities: Utilizing Riot’s Remote Broadcast Center, the arena is now equipped for remote broadcasting.
  • Broadcast and Co-Streaming Booths: Three broadcast booths for simultaneous multilingual coverage and two co-streaming booths near the fan area.
  • Advanced A/V Setup: The installation of 44 new cameras and over 250 screens, 45 in the fan zone.
  • Quality Control and Press Facilities: A new quality control area and a flexible press room.

Riot Games Arena Analyst Desk

Alberto Guerrero’s Vision

Alberto Guerrero, head of esports EMEA at Riot Games, emphasized the aim to elevate both player and fan experiences, immersing them in the world of Riot Games Esports.

A Spectacular Transformation for EMEA Esports

The Riot Games Arena is set to become a cornerstone of esports in the EMEA region. With its state-of-the-art upgrades and fan-focused enhancements, the arena is not just a venue but a landmark destination for esports enthusiasts. As the doors open for the 2024 season, visitors can expect an unmatched experience in the heart of Berlin.