Riot Games Blocks Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT Spot Sale to FlyQuest

Riot Games Blocks Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT Spot Sale to FlyQuest

7. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a surprising turn of events in the VALORANT esports scene, Riot Games reportedly intervened to prevent Evil Geniuses (EG) from transferring their VALORANT Championship Tour (VCT) Americas partnership slot to FlyQuest.

This decision came amidst Evil Geniuses’ efforts to withdraw from the VCT Americas following their unexpected world championship victory.

The Deal That Never Happened

As per Alejandro “Anonimotum” Gomis’ report, Evil Geniuses, a prominent name in esports, sought to conclude their esports ventures after being bought out of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) for approximately $6 million.

FlyQuest, an LCS member, engaged in prolonged negotiations with EG, aiming to acquire both their VCT Americas slot and the world champion roster.

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Preparations in Vain

FlyQuest had reportedly started to arrange facilities and offices for the team, anticipating a successful transfer. Both parties were hopeful of Riot Games’ approval, drawing parallels with The Guard’s esports exit where Riot permitted player transfers to new organizations.

Contractual Challenges for EG Players

The report also sheds light on EG players’ contract conditions during the offseason. It was stated that players would have to accept a significant salary reduction, to one-third of their previous earnings, not counting prize money. Those who refused faced the risk of contract termination with minimal severance.

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Declined Buyout Offers

In addition to this, Evil Geniuses reportedly turned down several buyout offers, including a $100,000 offer from NRG for players Demon1 and Ethan, and a separate offer from 100 Thieves for Boostio.

The Aftermath and Lack of Response

This decision by Riot Games not only halted the transfer but also marked FlyQuest’s second unsuccessful attempt to enter the VCT Americas, having previously lost out on acquiring The Guard’s roster to G2 Esports. At the time of publication, Riot Games had not responded to requests for comment on the matter.

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The Blocked Transfer in VALORANT Championship Tour Americas

Riot Games’ intervention in the potential transfer of Evil Geniuses’ VCT Americas spot to FlyQuest highlights the complexities and unpredictability of esports team management and ownership.

This decision has significant implications for the future of both organizations and their players, and it underscores the influential role of governing bodies in esports transactions.