Reverse Red Emerges Victorious in Snapdragon Mobile Masters Free Fire Finals

Reverse Red Emerges Victorious in Snapdragon Mobile Masters Free Fire Finals

16. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a display of skill and dominance, Reverse Red emerged as the champions of the Snapdragon Mobile Masters Free Fire competition, solidifying their position as one of the top teams in the esports arena.

The competition, held as part of the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) 2024 circuit, witnessed intense battles and thrilling gameplay as teams vied for supremacy.

Recap of the Event

Championship Victory

  • Reverse Red, hailing from Thailand, showcased unparalleled consistency and performance throughout the competition.
  • The team secured victory after clinching four Booyahs out of the 12 rounds played, demonstrating their strategic prowess and adaptability.

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Impressive Performance

  • Reverse Red’s remarkable performance was highlighted by their exceptional kill count, totaling an impressive 127 kills.
  • The team’s dominance in terms of kills far surpassed that of their competitors, showcasing their superiority in gunfights and engagements.

Disappointments and Surprises

  • Despite high expectations,, the Brazilian team hailed for their experienced roster, failed to live up to expectations and finished in 10th place.
  • Standout performances from other teams, such as JV E-Sport and Fluxo, added excitement and unpredictability to the competition.

Final Standings

  1. Reverse Red: 221 points, 127 kills
  2. Fluxo: 166 points, 86 kills
  3. RRQ Kazu: 152 points, 63 kills
  4. LOUD: 149 points, 69 kills
  5. JV E-Sport: 142 points, 102 kills
  6. CGGG: 125 points, 72 kills
  7. Team Solid: 115 points, 66 kills
  8. Indostars: 111 points, 55 kills
  9. Buriram United Esports: 110 points, 71 kills
  10. 86 points, 50 kills
  11. Alfa 34: 86 points, 43 kills
  12. INTZ: 70 points, 45 kills



The victory of Reverse Red in the Snapdragon Mobile Masters Free Fire competition underscores their dominance and skill in the esports realm. With their impressive performance, Reverse Red has secured a coveted spot in the Esports World Cup, further solidifying their status as champions in the competitive gaming scene.