Modders Rally to Revive Heroes of the Storm with “Resurgence of the Storm”

Modders Rally to Revive Heroes of the Storm with “Resurgence of the Storm”

4. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the wake of Blizzard Entertainment’s decision to leave “Heroes of the Storm” (HotS) in “permanent maintenance mode” in 2022, the game’s future seemed bleak. However, a group of dedicated modders is now attempting to breathe new life into the game with their StarCraft 2 mod, aptly named “Resurgence of the Storm” (RotS).

The Birth of “Resurgence of the Storm”

  • Development Time: Over four years of meticulous work.
  • Playtesting: The past year has been dedicated to refining the gameplay.
  • Release: Now available to the public as a free mod for StarCraft 2.

Heroes of the Storm Craft Wars

Mod Details

  • Content: Inspired by HotS, featuring two maps and numerous heroes.
  • Modifications: Due to engine limitations, some heroes and gameplay elements have been altered or reimagined.

Challenges and Innovations

  • Technical Hurdles: Not all HotS features could be replicated within the StarCraft 2 engine.
  • Creative Solutions: The mod team had to innovate, especially with hero abilities and in-game models.

Financial Strain on Developers

  • Development Team: A small group of four modders, led by zeroLamberg.
  • Funding Issues: The team faces discontinuation in March unless sufficient donations are received.

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Blizzard’s Role and Community Efforts

  • Game Status: HotS was shifted to “permanent maintenance mode” as of 2022.
  • Community Response: Fans and modders have taken it upon themselves to keep the MOBA spirit alive.

A Labor of Love

“Resurgence of the Storm” represents a passionate effort by the HotS community to save a beloved game. The success of this ambitious project now hinges on the support of players and fans. It’s a reminder of the power of community in the gaming world and the impact of collective efforts in preserving gaming legacies.