Classic Champions Shine in Recent Worlds: A Nostalgic Dive into LoL’s Evolution

Classic Champions Shine in Recent Worlds: A Nostalgic Dive into LoL’s Evolution

29. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the ever-changing landscape of esports, the recent Worlds have witnessed a resurgence of classic champions. These iconic figures stand as a testament to the rich history and evolution of the popular game, League of Legends (LoL).

Nostalgia in Champion Choices


The prevalence of champions such as Orianna, Rumble, and Syndra in the recent Worlds evokes memories of past tournaments. For long-time fans, seeing these champions in action is reminiscent of historic moments from previous championships.

  • Orianna’s Legacy: Watching Orianna reminds fans of the 2013 Worlds when T1’s star, Lee Sang-hyeok, known as “Faker”, made his remarkable international debut.
  • Syndra’s Impact: The presence of the Dark Sovereign transports many to the time of the first Cloud9, led by Hai Du Lam, who tried to astonish Samsung Blue with his strategic Syndra pick.
  • Rumble’s Resurgence: Every ultimate move from Rumble brings back memories of Jang Gyeong-hwan “MaRin” in the 2015 Worlds, arguably his career’s pinnacle.

A Tribute to the Veterans

This trend of picking classic champions is not just about strategy. It’s a nod to the veterans of the game. Every time players like Faker, Bdd, or Scout choose characters like Orianna or Syndra, they’re paying homage to the game’s rich history. Similarly, when players like Ruler or Deft select Xayah or Kalista, they’re acknowledging the roots of LoL and celebrating its evolution.

The Inevitable Evolution

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However, the current Worlds also highlight the game’s continual evolution. Champions like Rakan and Kai’Sa, once seen as novel, have now been in the game for over five years. The only genuinely new contender is K’Sante, who graced Summoner’s Rift just late in 2022.

Reflecting the Audience

Interestingly, a recent report by LVP and Deloitte highlighted the average age of esports viewers in Spain is 24 years. This means most fans have witnessed the game’s transformation firsthand. What was once a novelty during high school or college days has now become a nostalgic trip down memory lane as life and the game progress.

Meta Evolution

The Worlds, League of Legends esports, in general, are always moving forward, evolving with each passing year. The recent champion choices in the Worlds serve as a beautiful bridge between the past and present, showcasing the game’s rich history and highlighting its bright future. Whether this evolution is for better or worse, depends solely on individual perspectives.