Respawn Addresses Apex Legends Hacking Incident: What Players Need to Know

Respawn Addresses Apex Legends Hacking Incident: What Players Need to Know

23. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the wake of the recent hacking incident that shook the Apex Legends community, developer Respawn Entertainment has broken its silence to address concerns and reassure players about the game’s security measures.

Immediate Action Taken

Respawn has swiftly responded to the hacking attack with the implementation of additional security measures. The company has rolled out the first of many updates aimed at fortifying the game’s defenses and ensuring a secure gaming experience for all players.

Senior design director Evan Nikolich has publicly emphasized that security remains a top priority for Respawn.

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Player Reassurance

The announcement from Respawn comes as a relief to many players who were left feeling vulnerable following the hacking incident. Concerns about the game’s security prompted some to uninstall Apex Legends temporarily. However, Respawn’s proactive approach to addressing the issue has instilled confidence in the player base, leading to a gradual return to the game.

Impact on Competitive Play

Despite the hacking incident, Respawn has confirmed that the upcoming ALGS Split One Playoffs, including the first Apex LAN event of 2024, are not expected to be affected. However, details about the resumption of the NA Regional Finals and Challenger Circuit are still pending.

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Remaining Questions

While Respawn’s statement has provided some clarity, there are lingering questions about the extent of the hack’s impact. The vague reference to “a few” professional player accounts being hacked raises concerns about the full scope of the breach.

Additionally, the statement does not address whether the hacking incident posed a broader threat to the game itself, leaving some players anxious about the potential for future attacks.


In light of the recent hacking incident, Respawn’s transparency and commitment to addressing security concerns are commendable. While players may still have unanswered questions, it is imperative that Respawn continues to prioritize security measures to safeguard the integrity of Apex Legends.

As the investigation into the hacking incident unfolds, players can rest assured that Respawn is working diligently to ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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