Rekkles moves from ADC to Support, is benched by Fnatic

Rekkles moves from ADC to Support, is benched by Fnatic

29. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Top League of Legends player Rekkles has announced that he will be moving from carry to the role of support. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also dropped from the LEC starting lineup by his organization Fnatic. Shock for Fnatic fans: the well-known player Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson has announced that from now on he will change from the carry to the support role at the team. Nobody saw the change coming and many fans were surprised by it.

Rekkles changes role in the line-up

Interestingly he will also be moved to the bench by the organisation, kind of a weird situation. Rekkles will no longer be a part of the squad for the Summer Split in the LEC. With this change, it looks like Rekkles and Fnatic will soon go completely separate ways. Rekkles himself has spoken out about the decision, explaining that he felt like he wasn’t getting anywhere in the AD Carry position and was “treading water.” On Twitter, the player stated that it was best to “refocus.”

Whether this only concerns the position in the line-up, or possibly another team later on, remains open. Likewise, it is unclear who will replace Rekkles in his role. Fnatic said that they will get another player instead of Rekkles in the next weeks. Who that might be is not clear. The 26-year-old Swede hasn’t had a good time at Fnatic in recent months. Obviously changes had to be made as the team has disappointed in the last two splits, not reaching the playoffs is not something fnatic is proud of. As so often happens after a bad result or a prolonged period, changes in the line-up occur. However, as it seems, the change came from Rekkles and not the organization, as is usually the case.

What’s the next step for Rekkles now?

Rekkles’ is currently tied to Fnatic until the end of 2024. If someone is interested they could offer a buy-out and release him from his contract, if that will happen is another question. The switch from AD carry to support is a big surprise, but Rekkles apparently knows what he’s doing; after all, he’s played in the support role before.

At the moment it’s still unclear when the LEC Summer Split 2023 will officially start, it could be June but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. This definitely gives Fnatic enough time to find a replacement for the AD Carry position that Rekkles left empty.