Rekkles is pleased with his partner Oscarinin

Rekkles is pleased with his partner Oscarinin

2. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, the captain of Fnatic, has made it known that he supports his teammate Oscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz 100%. Rekkles’ attitude has caused great excitement among all the team’s fans.

Currently, Fnatic is one of the teams with the worst season. The British organization had the lowest performance by finishing ninth and failing to advance to the group stage during the previous Winter Season.

The squad that wears the black and orange colors opted to bring two players from its academy into the first team:

  • Oscar “Oscarinin” Munoz
  • Henk “Advienne” Reijenga

With the promotion of these two players, Fnatic is looking to improve things for this division. The organization organized Oscarinin’s debut for the LEC, and the rookie already has the support of Rekkles, who says he will go to war with him.

Fnatic Documentary

Legends In Action, Fnatic’s documentary series, was shown during the third episode of LoL Team. In that episode, Rekkles talked about a situation in the team during a low moment that motivated him.

Due to the performance shown during training, Oscarinin broke down in tears after one of the first scrims sessions. Fnatic’s captain stated that Oscar was frustrated, and it became evident in the first week of the Spring Season when he debuted as a pro with a 0-18-4 record in three games.

However, seeing Oscarinin crying motivated Rekkles to recognize himself and work harder for Fnatic.

Rekkles says that he could see himself reflected in Oscarinin, who is a person who cares about everything. He also says he is used to controlling his emotions, but seeing the rookie player cry about not performing well at scrims showed that Oscarinin cares as much about the team as he does.

However, the real turning point for Rekkles was when he was on his way home and thought this young boy saw this situation as life or death. The team captain thought about fighting by his side; it would also be a matter of life and death for him.

On the other hand, Rekkles affirms that this is the attitude with which all things in life should be done. Furthermore, he adds that this is how he does things, and he could see himself reflected in someone else.

The captain at the time said he would go to war with Oscarinin, and he believed in him.

Every day Oscarinin improves his performance

Despite not having the dream debut week, Oscarinin has shown his growth; as the days went by in week two, he got 10-13-24, and by week three, he improved even more, getting 20-9-16.

The rookie LEC player has adapted well to the tournament and his team. This has allowed Fnatic to perform better, finishing in sixth place with four wins and five losses. The next challenge for this squad is to qualify for the playoffs.