Rekkles Conquers the Korean Challenger: A New Chapter with T1 Academy

Rekkles Conquers the Korean Challenger: A New Chapter with T1 Academy

16. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s journey in Korea, following his signing with T1 Academy, is a tale of high expectations and remarkable achievements. In less than 130 games, Rekkles has ascended to Challenger rank in the Korean server of League of Legends, widely regarded as the most challenging and elite in Riot Games’ MOBA.

A New Cultural and Professional Chapter

Rekkles, one of the most accomplished players in European League of Legends history, is now navigating a new cultural and work ethic landscape. His role transition adds an intriguing layer to his already fascinating journey.

LeagueofLegends Fnatic Rekkles Headshot

Reports of Rekkles Joining T1 Academy

While details about his performance in the T1 Academy scrims remain unconfirmed, Rekkles’ rapid ascent in the Korean solo queue speaks volumes about his skill. He reached the Challenger rank with over 950 LP in under 130 games, showcasing his exceptional talent.

Rekkles’ Gameplay in Korean Solo Queue

  • Primary Role: Rekkles predominantly played as a support, although he occasionally showcased his signature Jhin.
  • Champion Pool: Known for his Janna, Senna, and Karma plays, Rekkles is also experimenting with other champions like Lulu, Renata, and Rakan, albeit with mixed results.

OP.GG Profile and Future Prospects

For those interested in following Rekkles’ progress, his OP.GG profile offers insight into his evolution in the Korean server. As he embarks on his debut season as a support in T1 Academy, the esports community eagerly watches his adaptation and growth in this new role.

Swedish Achieves Top Rank in League of Legends’ Toughest Server

Rekkles’ transition to a support role in T1 Academy and his rapid rise to Challenger in Korea’s solo queue is a testament to his adaptability and skill. As he continues to evolve in this new environment, he remains a player to watch in the competitive League of Legends scene.