Video: Rek’Sai’s Major Bug in Patch 14.5 of League of Legends

Video: Rek’Sai’s Major Bug in Patch 14.5 of League of Legends

7. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the latest patch 14.5 of League of Legends, Rek’Sai, the ferocious Void Burrower, was anticipated to receive enhancements to her auto-attack range and interactions with various abilities, such as her signature skill, Bite.

However, the implementation of these changes has unveiled a significant bug, causing Rek’Sai to fail in lifting enemies upon emerging from the ground. Riot Games is expected to swiftly address this issue with an urgent hotfix.

Understanding the Bug

Following the implementation of Patch 14.5, Rek’Sai players have encountered a critical bug affecting her ability to lift enemies with her Bite ability immediately upon surfacing. This bug disrupts Rek’Sai’s core gameplay mechanics, impacting her effectiveness in engaging enemies and executing successful ganks.

After today’s patch Reksai sometimes doesn’t knock people up while right clicking them
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Impact on Gameplay

The bug hampers Rek’Sai’s ability to execute her combo effectively, reducing her effectiveness in skirmishes, team fights, and objective control. Players relying on Rek’Sai’s ability to disrupt enemy formations and secure kills are experiencing significant setbacks due to this bug.

Community Response

The League of Legends community has swiftly reacted to the emergence of this bug, expressing frustration and concern regarding its impact on gameplay. Many Rek’Sai enthusiasts and professional players have voiced their disappointment, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue to maintain the integrity of the game.

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Riot’s Response and Hotfix

Acknowledging the severity of the bug, Riot Games has committed to releasing an urgent hotfix to rectify Rek’Sai’s malfunctioning Bite ability. The development team has assured players that they are working diligently to resolve the issue and restore Rek’Sai’s functionality in the game.


The unforeseen bug affecting Rek’Sai’s Bite ability in Patch 14.5 has disrupted gameplay and raised concerns within the League of Legends community. With Riot Games prioritizing a swift resolution through an urgent hotfix, players can anticipate a timely resolution to restore Rek’Sai’s effectiveness on the Summoner’s Rift.

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