REJECT WINNITY Makes History with Victory at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs

REJECT WINNITY Makes History with Victory at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs

6. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a fiercely competitive Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Split 1 Playoffs, REJECT WINNITY made history as the first APAC North team to clinch an ALGS LAN championship, breaking the dominance of teams like TSM, DarkZero, and Reignite.

The Winning Strategy

The South Korean trio of Obly, KaronPe, and SangJoon etched their names in Apex Legends lore with their consistent performance and dedication to their team composition.

Notably, they ran with Wattson, a defensive character rarely seen in the pro meta, but this didn’t hinder their aggressive playstyle. REJECT matched FNATIC in kills during the final lobby, showcasing their prowess despite unconventional picks.

Intense Final Matches

In an intense series of matches, it seemed like DarkZero, a multiple LAN champion, might claim another trophy. However, a critical rotation misstep for DarkZero led to third-party engagements, allowing REJECT to secure optimal positioning in the final zone.

Securing Victory

From this advantageous position, REJECT demonstrated unwavering determination, eliminating fan-favorite teams like Disguised and Cloud9 to secure the championship.

Insights from Obly

Obly shared insights in a postfinals interview, explaining their strategy during the decisive game. He highlighted Wattson’s defensive capabilities, which thwarted aggressive opponents and facilitated their plays. Additionally, Obly emphasized the significance of team synergy over individual skill, a testament to REJECT’s success as an all-mouse-and-keyboard lineup.

The Impact of REJECT’s Victory

While acknowledging the controller players’ advantage, Obly emphasized the importance of team cohesion in Apex Legends. Despite the prevalence of controller players in competitive play, REJECT’s victory underscores the potential for mouse-and-keyboard teams with strong synergy to excel.

Recognition for Mouse-and-Keyboard Players

The victory was not only significant for REJECT but also for mouse-and-keyboard players in general, with the allMnK team Aurora securing a commendable seventh place. With APAC North securing its firstever ALGS crown, Obly expressed optimism for the region’s future success in Apex Legends esports.

Encouraging APAC North Players

REJECT’s triumph serves as a testament to APAC North’s potential to compete at the highest level and encourages other players in the region to strive for greatness in the competitive scene.

As triple MnK players using Wattson in a lobby dominated by controller players, REJECT WINNITY’s victory opens doors for further achievements, including potentially securing another APAC North ALGS title in the future.

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The stage is set for APAC North to continue making waves in the world of Apex Legends esports, fueled by the confidence and determination shown by REJECT WINNITY in their historic championship win.