Reddit’s Gaming Predictions Time Capsule: Looking Back at 2019

Reddit’s Gaming Predictions Time Capsule: Looking Back at 2019

15. May 2024 by Never

r/Games has recently unveiled a fascinating time capsule containing predictions made by posters back in 2019 about the future of gaming. As we reflect on these predictions in 2024, it’s striking to see just how accurate some of them turned out to be.

Overview of Predictions

The time capsule posed questions to the Reddit community about the gaming landscape five years ahead, covering major publishers, PC gaming, and third-party game makers like EA. Some predictions have proven eerily accurate, leading to speculation about the existence of time travelers among us.

/r/Games Five-Year Time Capsule: What thoughts/predictions/expectations do you have for the future of gaming?
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Accurate Predictions

  1. Japanese Assassin’s Creed Game: Predicted and now realized with Assassin’s Creed Shadows.
  2. New Fable Game: Successfully materialized, fulfilling fans’ hopes.
  3. More God of War: Indeed, the series continues to captivate players.
  4. Another Smash Bros. Fighter Pass: Confirmed, with unique additions beyond echo fighters.
  5. ‘Majora’s Mask-esque’ Sequel to Zelda: BOTW: Came to fruition as Tears of the Kingdom.

Missed Predictions and Humorous Insights

However, not all predictions hit the mark:

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2: Still elusive despite ongoing anticipation.
  • Dragon Age Sequel: Expected later this year, keeping fans waiting.
  • Super Mario Odyssey Sequel: Yet to surface, though hopes remain for a future release.
  • Xbox’s First-Party IP Strategy: Not as impactful as some hoped, with focus shifting to studio acquisitions rather than exclusive IP development.

Future Predictions and Speculations

Reflecting on these predictions sparks curiosity about what the gaming community might foresee for the next five years, especially as we transition into a new generation of consoles:

  • Performance of Switch 2: How will Nintendo’s next console iteration fare in the market?
  • Xbox’s Future Direction: Could Xbox transition to a third-party studio, given declining console sales and increased emphasis on first-party titles across rival platforms?

Reflecting on Five Years of Gaming Predictions: Evolution, Challenges, and Reddit’s Influence

As we look back on the past five years of gaming predictions, it’s evident that the landscape has evolved in both expected and unexpected ways. The future holds new challenges and opportunities, and the Reddit community’s insights will undoubtedly continue to shape discussions and speculations as we embark on the next chapter of gaming innovation.