Red Bull League of Its Own: Featuring Faker and T1

Red Bull League of Its Own: Featuring Faker and T1

9. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of League of Legends is buzzing with anticipation as the Red Bull League of Its Own, featuring the reigning world champions, Faker and T1, is set to unfold.

In this special preseason event, fans will witness high-caliber gameplay and strategic prowess. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament format, schedule, and how to catch all the action.

Tournament Overview

After T1’s triumphant victory in the World Championship, the League of Legends competitive season may have concluded, but the team is far from taking a break. With a solid roster, including the return of the legendary coach Kkoma, T1 is all geared up for 2024. However, before the year ends, they will be showcasing their skills in the Red Bull League of Its Own.

Unique Format for T1

  • Date: The event will take place entirely on December 9.
  • Match Schedule: T1 will be playing multiple matches, starting against either BIG or Eintracht Spandau, followed by clashes with KCorp, No Need Org, G2 Esports, and Team Heretics.
  • Special Rule: T1 will not repeat champions they’ve played earlier in the day, while their opponents have no such restrictions. This rule does not apply to T1’s match against G2.

Match Timings

  • BIG vs EINS: (Only on German stream) 06:00 /07:00 /09:00
  • T1 vs BIG/EINS: 07:15 /08:15 /10:15
  • T1 vs No Need Org: 08:30 /09:30 /11:30
  • No Need Org vs KCorp: 09:45 /10:45 /12:45
  • T1 vs KCorp: 11:00 /12:00 /14:00
  • T1 vs Heretics: 12:15 /13:15 /15:15
  • T1 vs G2: 14:00 /15:00 /17:00

A Preseason Tournament Starring the World Champions

For fans of League of Legends and esports, the Red Bull League of Its Own is a must-watch event. With unique challenges and the presence of Faker and T1, this tournament promises to deliver thrilling matches and showcase the best of professional League of Legends gameplay.