Red Bull League of Its Own: T1 to Compete in Premier League of Legends Tournament

Red Bull League of Its Own: T1 to Compete in Premier League of Legends Tournament

26. November 2023 by Never

A Gathering of the Best in League of Legends

The Red Bull League of Its Own, set to take place in the Velodrome of Berlin, is an invitational tournament featuring top League of Legends teams, including the renowned South Korean organization, T1, and Europe’s elite like G2 Esports. This event promises an epic clash between some of the best teams in the world.

Date and Location

Scheduled for December 9th, the Red Bull League of Its Own will be held at the Velodrome of Berlin. Doors open at 11 AM. Fans can either grab tickets to witness the event live or tune into the live stream on platforms like and

Tournament Format

While the specific format of the tournament has not been confirmed, T1, led by the legendary Faker, will compete against several top European teams. The tournament is set to offer high-level competition that will captivate League of Legends fans. Alongside the matches, various entertainment activities will be available, ensuring a comprehensive experience for all attendees.

Confirmed Participants

The lineup for the tournament includes:

  • T1: The powerhouse South Korean team with a history of national and international championships.
  • G2 Esports: A formidable European team known for their success in professional League of Legends.
  • Other notable teams like BIG, Eintracht Spandau, NNO Old, Karmine Corp, and Team Heretics.

The participation of these teams guarantees a highly competitive and thrilling tournament.

Expectations for the Event

The Velodrome of Berlin is gearing up for the Red Bull League of Its Own. Will this event live up to the high expectations of the global League of Legends community?

Red Bull League of Its Own: A Landmark League of Legends Even

The Red Bull League of Its Own is shaping up to be a landmark event in the League of Legends competitive scene. With a mix of legendary teams and exciting new challengers, it is set to be an unforgettable experience for both participants and fans alike.