Red Bull Instalock: Elevating Female VALORANT Competition in the UK

Red Bull Instalock: Elevating Female VALORANT Competition in the UK

13. April 2024 by Never

Red Bull, the renowned energy drink brand, has announced its latest venture into esports with the launch of the Red Bull Instalock, a female VALORANT tournament set to take place in the United Kingdom. Hosted at the prestigious Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, four top-tier female teams will battle it out on April 20th and 21st.

The Competing Teams

The tournament will feature powerhouse teams including G2 Gozen, GIANTX, Karmine Corp, and reigning champions Shopify Rebellion. Shopify Rebellion secured victory in the VALORANT Game Changers 2023 tournament by defeating Team Liquid Brasil in São Paulo, making it the most-watched female VALORANT tournament in history.

Innovative Format and Exhibition Match

Red Bull Instalock will introduce a revised format where teams must utilize three duelists to encourage aggressive gameplay while rewarding tactical prowess. In addition to the main competition, the event will host an exhibition match featuring popular VALORANT content creators.

Official Partner: AGON by AOC

AGON by AOC, a leading gaming monitor brand, has been announced as the official partner of the event. Equipping the tournament with its range of gaming monitors, AGON by AOC continues its collaboration with Red Bull following their partnership for the Street Fighter 6 Red Bull Kumite tournament in March 2024.

Red Bull’s Commitment to Esports

Red Bull’s dedication to esports is evident through its ongoing organization of tournaments and events across various titles. In December 2023, the brand hosted League of Its Own, a League of Legends event that attracted a peak viewership of 494,324 according to Esports Charts.

Michaela “mimi” Lintrup, Red Bull athlete and member of G2 Gozen, expressed her enthusiasm for the tournament, highlighting the positive impact it will have on the competitive gaming landscape.


Excitement for the Future

The announcement of the Red Bull Instalock marks another significant milestone for the female VALORANT scene, promising to inject vibrancy and competitiveness into the community. The format change adds an exciting new dimension to each match, delighting fans and players alike.