Ranked matches are coming to Fortnite

Ranked matches are coming to Fortnite

14. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Finally, after six years, Fortnite introduced the game mode the community was clamoring for. Epic Games’ battle royale will feature ranked matches starting next week.

In one month, Fortnite will be six years since its release. During these years, the game has experienced ups and downs. However, it has remained constant as one of the most popular titles in the world.

Epic Games’ goal with Fortnite is to maintain that popularity in the coming years. As a result, the developer has focused on implementing adjustments to keep all users hooked for a long time.

A few weeks ago, the creative mode arrived in the game, which promises to put the game on the right track, and now the debut of ranked matches has been officially confirmed. A transformation takes a different approach to bring the game into force for a long time.

Fortnite introduces ranked matches in the next update

Fortnite patch 24.40, scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 16, will bring ranked matches to the game. “Season Zero” will begin when the update is completed, and the servers can be accessed.

The game developers intend to use Season 2 of Chapter 4 as a sort of “beta phase” before formally launching ranked games. The mode is expected to be fully functional at launch. However, there may be bugs or inaccuracies as it is a new technology.

It ranked matches in Fortnite’s different game modes

Both Zero Construct and Battle Royale modes will support ranked matches. Both categories will work the same way but have different skill meters. Squad size is the other distinction.

Battle Royale can be played solo, in pairs, or teams, and all matches, regardless of the number of players, will advance the rankings. On the other hand, Zero Construct can only be played in pairs. Naturally, things could change in the future. If we play alone, the game will always pit us against players of a similar skill level, and if we play in a group, it will pit us against players of a level equal to the highest-level player in our group.

Ranks in Fortnite-ranked matches

In ranked matches, there will be eight ranks in total:

The lowest ranking levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. In each of these tiers, there are a total of three leagues.

While the Elite, Ace, and Unreal levels are above Diamond. These ranks are not subdivided and are only available to the most skilled players.

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In addition, after passing to the Unreal level, we can fight for first place in a global ranking of players. Winning eliminations and placing first are rewarded, so achieving these results is always the best method to advance.

With the inclusion of ranked matches, Fortnite will allow players to set long-term goals and compete to achieve them.