Rainbow Six Siege ‘Freeze for All’ Event: A Winter Wonderland of Rewards

Rainbow Six Siege ‘Freeze for All’ Event: A Winter Wonderland of Rewards

14. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Rainbow Six Siege is bringing some frosty excitement to its fans with the thrilling ‘Freeze for All’ event. Ubisoft’s clever twist on the classic Free-for-All game mode adds a chilly twist to the gameplay. Let’s dive into the icy details of this winter event.

What is Freeze For All?

‘Freeze For All’ is Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Free-For-All (FFA) game mode, designed to keep players on their toes:

  • Players: 10-player deathmatch with non-stop action.
  • Format: No teams, every player for themselves.
  • Environment: A snowy setting adds to the winter feel.
  • Gameplay: No fixed attack or defense roles; players cycle through five different loadouts.

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Game Mode Features

  • Rounds: Five rounds, each with five rotating roles.
  • Idle Time: Zero idle time, ensuring continuous action.
  • Respawns: Players respawn on the roof, where they can hurl snowballs at enemies.
  • Challenges: Ice Spikes, Underground zones, and breakable ice walls add layers of complexity.

New Map: Workshop

  • Description: The Workshop map has been transformed into a winter-themed battlefield, making it the first LTM map in Year 8.

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Rotating Abilities and Strategies

  • Variety: Rotating abilities for operators keep the game fresh and unpredictable.
  • Gameplay Dynamics: Players must adapt to changing weapons and abilities, requiring innovative strategies.

Cosmetic Updates and Rewards

  • New Cosmetics: Four new cosmetics, available for 1680 R6 Credits each or via collection packs at 300 R6 Credits (12,500 Renown) each.
  • Free Collection Pack: Players receive a free Collection Pack for logging in during the event, with additional packs available through weekly challenges.

Event Duration

  • Live Event: Already live, running until January 5, 2024.

Don´t Miss the Opportunity!

Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Freeze for All’ event promises to be a frosty and frantic adventure. With its fast-paced gameplay, unique map, and rotating abilities, it’s an ideal opportunity for players to test their skills and strategies in a winter wonderland. Don’t miss the chance to earn exclusive rewards and experience the thrill of this icy siege!