Rahxen Crowned Champion at the Controversial Liverpool Pokémon Regional

Rahxen Crowned Champion at the Controversial Liverpool Pokémon Regional

29. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Antonio ‘Rahxen’ Sánchez, the Malaga native, emerged victorious at the Pokémon Regional in Liverpool, a tournament marred by controversy. Despite facing challenges that have long plagued VGC competitions, Rahxen’s win became a focal point amidst the growing popularity of Pokémon VGC in Spain and the recent spotlight on the affected parties.

Key Issues Raised:

  • The controversy centered around the use of cloned Pokémon, a widely known but illegal practice among competitors.
  • This issue led to the elimination of several players from the Spanish organization, stirring up widespread debate.

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The Obsolete System Exposed by KOI’s Entry

Movistar KOI’s entry into the Pokémon VGC competition brought significant attention to the Liverpool Regional. The participation of players like PokeÁlex and Riopaser, coupled with the Twitch Cup 3, amplified mainstream interest in Pokémon esports.

Streaming Impact:

  • The official stream of the competition attracted about 3,000 viewers, with Knekro’s broadcast surpassing 30,000 viewers at times.

Breeding Mechanics: A Counterproductive Approach

The legality of cloning in Pokémon does not necessarily imply it’s detrimental to the competition. It allows players to focus on training rather than the tedious process of breeding their teams. This situation is akin to traditional sports athletes being penalized for not manufacturing their own equipment.

Competition Evolution:

  • The focus should be on performance in the battlefield, not on the breeding process.
  • More training time could lead to higher skill levels, better strategies, and an enhanced viewing experience.

Tournament Management: A Self-Sabotage?

The elimination of Movistar KOI players was not the only controversy at the Liverpool Regional. Issues ranged from the inconsistency in verifying Pokémon’s validity to limitations on player attire. These situations caused frustration among competitors and spectators alike, suggesting a need for better tournament management.

The Unstoppable Spanish Invasion and Rahxen’s Victory

Despite the setbacks, the Liverpool Regional saw a strong Spanish presence, with Rahxen leading the charge. His 2-0 sweep in the finals, especially the second match, was a dominant display against his Italian opponent.

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Final Matches Recap:

  • Rahxen avenged his compatriot Guillermo “Kasty” Castilla, who narrowly missed the final.
  • The tournament concluded with promising signs for Spanish players in the 2024 season.

Rahxen’s Triumph Amidst Controversy

For those interested in reliving the intense final battles, the complete broadcasts are available on both YouTube and Twitch. Despite the controversies, the Liverpool Pokémon Regional showcased the rising talent and potential in the Pokémon VGC scene.