Chaos in Dota 2: How Radiant Teams Overwhelmed the Meta at TI 2023

Chaos in Dota 2: How Radiant Teams Overwhelmed the Meta at TI 2023

16. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The International 2023 (TI 2023) Dota2 esports championship has unveiled a shifting paradigm in the game’s meta. A staggering 91 matches into the tournament, patterns are becoming clearer, with Radiant teams taking an unprecedented lead. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the meta and its implications.

Strength and Universal Heroes Rule the Roost


It’s evident from the current statistics that Strength and Universal attribute heroes are the darlings of TI 2023. A whopping eight out of the top ten contested heroes fall into these categories, as reported by Spectral.

Pangolier stands at the forefront, making an appearance in 84 out of the 91 matches, albeit more as a ban. Following closely are heroes like Treant Protector, Invoker, Brewmaster, and Spirit Breaker. As for Vengeful Spirit, she’s the crown jewel for teams, primarily due to her universal attribute and robust abilities.

Carries: The Strength/Universal Tug-of-War

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In the carry position, Chaos Knight reigns supreme, boasting a staggering 71% win rate. His accelerated farming, courtesy of the 7.34d patch, combined with his trusted Armlet of Mordiggian, makes him a daunting force on the battlefield. On the flip side, Sven, despite his strength prowess, is underwhelming, with a mere 36% win rate.

However, Agility heroes are not out of the fight. Heroes such as Luna, Spectre, Void, and Naga Siren continue to hold their ground, ensuring a diverse carry meta.

Mid Lane Dynamics: Kunkka Rises, Pangolier Wanes


While Pangolier is often banned, Kunkka emerges as the favored mid-lane pick, exhibiting a commendable win rate slightly over 50%. With his versatile skill set, he synergizes well with top-tier picks like Skywrath Mage and Chaos Knight.

Dazzle, with its 83% mid lane win rate, is a force to be reckoned with. Though only picked six times, the substantial win rate cannot be ignored.

Support Spectrum: Old Heroes, New Tricks

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In the support realm, Treant Protector is highly sought after but often banned. Simultaneously, Dark Willow is steadily rising as a preferred offlane support choice.

Radiant’s Unprecedented Triumph

Radiant teams have amassed a staggering 59% win rate, making it one of the most skewed performances between Radiant and Dire in TI’s history. The question remains, can Dire teams strategize a comeback in the forthcoming matches?

Recomendaciones Finales

The evolving meta at TI 2023 signifies a dynamic shift in team strategies and hero preferences. While Radiant seems dominant, the tides of Dota are ever-changing. Teams and fans alike should anticipate more surprises as the tournament progresses.