R8 Revolver in CS:GO becomes a powerful weapon due to a game bug

R8 Revolver in CS:GO becomes a powerful weapon due to a game bug

27. May 2023 by miranda angeles

A CS:GO player has discovered a bug in the game and posted it on Reddit. This player comments that thanks to a bug in CS:GO, the R8 Revolver goes from being one of the worst weapons in the game to a very powerful one.

CS:GO players using the R8 Revolver can instantly shoot using the one button on the mouse. Best of all, there is no loss of accuracy.

R8 Revolver in CS:GO becomes a powerful weapon due to a game bug

A Reddit user has discovered a bug that can benefit many CS:GO, players. Recall that normally firing the Revolver R8 with mouse button two or right click was instantaneous but inaccurate, while with button one or left click, it was delayed but accurate.

Due to the mechanics of the R8 Revolver, both professional and amateur players preferred to avoid this gun and use another weapon. However, virtually all players prefer the Desert Eagle, allowing players to shoot quickly and accurately.

However, this mistake may bring the R8 Revolver back to its origins. Recall that in 2015 when the R8 was introduced, it quickly became a very powerful weapon.

Reddit user explains how to capitalize on the game’s bug

Nallleson is the CS:GO player who posted the R8 bug on Reddit. After going through the game’s files and doing endless tests, the player commented that he made the R8 shoot instantly with the left mouse button without losing accuracy.

Nallesson detailed the particular actions players must perform to make a broken R8 work if they want to play with one.

First, players must fire all eight rounds in a row with the right mouse button to use the bug. Next, players must simultaneously hold down the left and right mouse buttons and quickly switch from the R8 to the knife and back.

The next step is synchronizing the reloads; mouse button two must be held down while loading the weapon’s hammer with a mouse click. This bug causes almost all movement accuracy penalties to be removed; the only penalty that is not removed is the jump penalty.

I found i way to have instant left click shot with R8 in CS:GO. Its broken.
byu/Nallleson inGlobalOffensive

Some CS:GO players want to test R8 with the bug

The gaming community seemed divided after Nallesson revealed this CS:GO bug. Many users are eager to test this bug in the last days of CS:GO, while other parts of users are just looking forward to the summer to try CS2.

On the other hand, some players have recommended Nallesson report this bug to the game developers so they can fix it. Nallesson has responded that he has already informed Valve about the bug.