R6 South Breach: Ubisoft’s Latest European Endeavour in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 South Breach: Ubisoft’s Latest European Endeavour in Rainbow Six Siege

18. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The thrilling world of competitive gaming gets another adrenaline boost with Ubisoft’s announcement of the R6 South Breach competition, scheduled to begin on November 22. An enticing €40,000 prize pool awaits the victorious, drawing both amateur and professional players to test their prowess in the intense arena of Rainbow Six Siege.

Tournament Snapshot:

  • Host: Ubisoft
  • Game: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Commencement: November 22
  • Prize Pool: €40,000

A Dive into R6 South Breach’s Structure:

Phase 1 – Qualification Rounds

The qualifications are divided among various leagues:

  1. Six French League (France)
  2. PG Nationals (Italy)
  3. Spain Nationals (Spain)

The competition is primarily geared towards Southern Europe. Teams with three out of five members hailing from the designated countries will have their exclusive qualifier. The eligible nations include:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Two successful teams from each league will advance to the Phase 2 of the competition. Additionally, open qualifiers for all European teams and a special qualifier for BLAST R6 European League teams will be organized. Only two of the BLAST R6 league teams can pave their way to the R6 South Breach.

Ubisoft also encourages community involvement. Community commentators can get onboard by joining the official tournament Discord server and navigating to the #community-caster-request channel.

Phase 2 – The Playoffs

In the heat of the playoffs, the tournament will follow a rigorous double elimination format. Eight contenders will fight for the coveted title of R6 South Breach champions. The playoffs will be broadcasted in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian, on the official Rainbow Six Siege channels.

The Tournament Calendar:

  • November 22-23: Southern Europe National Leagues Qualifier
  • November 29 – December 3: Southern Europe Regions Qualifier
  • December 6-10: Open European Teams Qualifier
  • December 16-17: BLAST R6 European League Teams Qualifier
  • January 5-7, 2024: Playoffs – Double Elimination Commences
  • January 12-14, 2024: Playoffs – Winner & Loser Bracket Semifinals
  • January 20, 2024: Loser Bracket Finals
  • January 21, 2024: Grand Championship Finale

For a comprehensive breakdown of the tournament, including registration instructions and schedules, visit the official tournament website.

Prepare for the Action

The R6 South Breach is a testament to Ubisoft’s commitment to fostering competitive play in the Rainbow Six Siege esports community. With a significant prize pool and a platform for both amateurs and professionals, this European competition is set to be a monumental event in the esports calendar. Players, teams, and fans alike are eagerly looking forward to the action-packed matches.