Quest’s Resilience at TI 2023: An Inspiring Journey Through Adversity

Quest’s Resilience at TI 2023: An Inspiring Journey Through Adversity

13. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

A Season of Setbacks and Surprises

PSG Quest’s 2023 journey in the Dota 2 competitive scene was nothing short of a rollercoaster. Three team rebuilds in a single season would demoralize any squad. However, Quest’s unwavering spirit has brought them to The International 2023, and with this newfound grit, they believe no obstacle is too great.

Constant Change in the Offlane

With almost a new face for every major Dota 2 event in the offlaner role, maintaining team cohesion was no easy feat. Yet, each time, Quest’s ability to integrate top-tier talent stood out. The team’s mastery over the role of position three was notable, but TA2000 revealed a different perspective behind their success.

“We always built the team around the offlaner instead of asking them to adapt to the four of us,” he explained. This adaptive approach speaks volumes about Quest’s flexibility and strategic depth.

Adapting to Varying Playstyles

Quest’s offlaners brought distinct styles to the table. ATF leaned into a greedier gameplay, requiring specific draft strategies. In contrast, Wuiter and Tobi, with an objective-driven approach, steered the team’s dynamics in different directions. The consistent element? Quest’s core members cultivated a welcoming environment, ensuring new additions felt at ease to bring their A-game.

Challenging the Dominant Forces

The fruits of their labor were evident when Quest clinched the fourth position at the Bali Major. They didn’t just participate; they made their presence felt, taking on Dota 2 giants, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid.

Reflecting on a nail-biting series at the Bali Major against Liquid, TA2000 lamented, “We should have won versus Liquid, but we just made too many mistakes.” But his confidence remained unshaken, firmly asserting, “When we get going, it feels like we can beat anyone.”

Could PSG Quest Surprise?

Quest’s journey to TI 2023 is an embodiment of determination. Despite the hurdles, their spirit remains indomitable. Their adaptive strategy, focus on team synergy, and ability to integrate various playstyles provide valuable insights for teams facing similar challenges. With Dota2 esports TI 2023 underway, all eyes are on Quest to see if their resilience translates into a championship victory.