Qojqva and Kiyotaka Engage in Ugly Trash Talk During Dota 2 Match

Qojqva and Kiyotaka Engage in Ugly Trash Talk During Dota 2 Match

27. February 2024 by Never

In the intense realm of high-tier Dota 2 matches, emotions often run high, and rivalries can escalate into heated exchanges. Such was the case in a recent Dota 2 ranked match featuring Team Liquid’s streamer Max “qojqva” Bröcker and 9Pandas’ Gleb “kiyotaka” Zyryanov, where a seemingly routine skirmish quickly transformed into a verbal showdown filled with insults and trash talk.

The Spark of Conflict

The incident unfolded 30 minutes into the match when qojqva, controlling Morphling for Dire, and kiyotaka, leading Invoker for Radiant, clashed in battle. qojqva’s simple “?” in all chat, following a successful evasion of kiyotaka’s solo kill attempt, served as the catalyst for a barrage of verbal attacks.

The situation intensified as kiyotaka’s teammates joined forces to eliminate qojqva, accompanied by a sarcastic smiley in all chat from kiyotaka, further fueling the tension.

Escalation of Verbal Confrontation

qojqva swiftly responded by highlighting the absence of a supportive team on his end, to which kiyotaka retaliated by questioning qojqva’s game sense and hurling insults, labeling him as “garbage.” From there, the exchange escalated rapidly, with both players exchanging a flurry of personal attacks and criticisms regarding each other’s gameplay.

Attempts at Mediation

Tommy “Taiga” Le, qojqva’s former teammate from Team Liquid, intervened in an attempt to defuse the situation, but his efforts were met with further provocation from kiyotaka. qojqva proceeded to mock kiyotaka’s low priority (LP) status in the game and criticized his decision-making, resulting in a back-and-forth exchange of verbal jabs.


Heightened Tension and Rivalry

The verbal altercation between qojqva and kiyotaka served as a backdrop to the intense game, with each insult adding fuel to the fire of the virtual battle. The history between these two players, marked by past encounters and a growing rivalry, reached a boiling point during this match.

Conclusion and Aftermath

The game concluded with kiyotaka’s team emerging victorious, delivering a bitter blow to qojqva, who, in a moment of frustration, disconnected from the game prematurely. This act of rage quitting served as the final act in a tumultuous exchange that unfolded for viewers on qojqva’s Twitch stream and within the game itself.