The Rise of Pyosik in NA: Embracing Change and Facing the Future

The Rise of Pyosik in NA: Embracing Change and Facing the Future

28. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

After the unexpected setback against Vietnam’s GAM Esports at the 2023 World Championship, Team Liquid’s journey came to an abrupt end. With the chapter closed, the spotlight now focuses on Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon. A talent in the esports world, Pyosik is at the crossroads of his career, determining his next strategic move for 2024.

A Reluctant Start in North America


Contrary to popular belief, Pyosik wasn’t initially enthusiastic about joining the NA scene. In a candid chat with Korizon’s Ashley Kang, Pyosik delved into the early days of his career in NA. Starting the year with hesitation, he took up the opportunity with Liquid out of limited choices. However, the North American esports scene had pleasant surprises in store for him.

Discovering Happiness in NA

North America introduced Pyosik to the unique blend of in-game strategies and off-field bonding activities. “I realized that NA does a lot of creative activities to bond the team,” he shared. Over the year, his perception of NA shifted from skepticism to appreciation. The emphasis on player contentment became a cornerstone of his positive experience in the region. In reflection, he said, “The bottom line for happiness has been the highest here at NA, out of the four years I’ve been playing professionally.”

Facing Professional Hurdles

Despite the warm embrace of the NA scene, challenges were aplenty. The World Championship’s outcome was a far cry from Pyosik’s expectations, particularly after honing his shotcalling and communication skills. The added pressure on Liquid’s newcomers, especially after tough practice sessions against the LCK teams, might have further tilted the balance against them during live matches.

Decisions on the Horizon

Pyosik TL Worlds elimination

The upcoming off-season will be a decisive phase for Pyosik. Staying in the LCS could position him as a premier jungler. Yet, the allure of the LPL or LCK leagues, with their competitive rosters, remains tempting. Regardless of his decision, Pyosik’s journey in the esports world is bound to intrigue many.

The Future of the World Champion

Pyosik’s story is a testament to adaptability and the continuous search for growth in one’s career. His journey in NA underscores the importance of keeping an open mind, embracing unexpected opportunities, and continually seeking happiness in professional pursuits. Whether he continues in the LCS or chooses a new path, Pyosik’s dedication and talent ensure his mark in the League of Legends esports realm.