PUBG Mobile: PMPL European Championship Spring Season 2023

PUBG Mobile: PMPL European Championship Spring Season 2023

8. June 2023 by miranda angeles

The 2023 Spring Season 2023 of the European Championship starts today, June 8. The top 16 teams in the region will compete for the title and a spot in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational.

All the details of the Spring 2023 season of the PMPL European Championship

The 16 best European PUBG Mobile teams compete in the European Championship Spring 2023. The tournament takes place from June 8 to June 11; during these four days, each team will demonstrate its full potential in the fight for the championship.

The entire event will be played online, and the team that is crowned the winner gets a special place in this year’s PUBG Mobile World Invitational. On the other hand, the Gaimin Gladiators team has already secured a spot in the PMWI Allstars. This spot for Gaimin Gladiators is because they were the most-voted team by PUBG Mobile fans.

Teams participating in the European Spring Championship

As mentioned, 16 teams are qualified to fight for the title of champions in the European championship.

List of teams

  1. Gaimin Gladiators
  2. Game Lord
  3. Pride Major
  4. Excuse me
  5. Nexus Gaming
  6. MadBulls
  7. SLY Europe
  8. ARR Esports
  9. Ozarox Esports
  10. FUT Esports
  11. Next Rüya
  12. Regnum Carya Esports
  13. Fire Flux Esports
  14. BRA Esports
  15. Besiktas Esports
  16. Melise Esports

The Gaimin Gladiators lineup has long been recognized as one of the best in the zone; this lineup performs excellently on big stages. At the beginning of 2023, the entire roster of the previous Natus Vincere team was hired by represents the Gaimin Gladiators jersey. Now, this team is the defender of the title as they are the current champions, so they have extra motivation to take first place in the championship.

On the other hand, Major Pride, from Russia, is also in their best form; they just swept the league and qualified second in the PMPL Europe 2023 Spring Final. The other two teams that could perform well and provide stiff competition for the others are Madbulls and Game Lord.

Meanwhile, Futbolist won the PMPL Turkey title match with authority, beating their rivals. So, this team can become a serious competitor in this event.

The fact that the world champions, S2G Esports, were not present because they could not qualify for this tournament shows how fierce the competition will be. S2G Esports, despite finishing first in the league phase of the Turkish PMPL, struggled in the championship match, ultimately leading to their elimination.

FireFlux Esports, the first runner-up in the previous EU Championship, also aims for their second regional championship. This team cannot be underestimated for their strong recent performance. They could pose a serious threat to their adversaries thanks to their knowledge and experience.