PUBG Mobile: Global Open 2025 Finds Its Venue

PUBG Mobile: Global Open 2025 Finds Its Venue

3. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The competitive scene for PUBG Mobile is set to take a unique turn in 2025 with the announcement of its Global Open (PMGO) location.

This prestigious tournament, which showcases the best teams from around the globe, will be hosted in the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. While the specific dates and venue details remain undisclosed, the excitement is palpable.

A New Destination: Uzbekistan

James Yang, the senior director of Level Infinite’s Global Esports Center, revealed the location during the Gamescom Latam event last week. This decision marks a significant milestone as Uzbekistan has never hosted a major international esports event before.

However, the country has an emerging PUBG Mobile ecosystem, including the Uzbekistan Cup in collaboration with the Uzbekistan Cyber Sports Association and the tournament platform BIGPLAY.GG.

Significance of the Venue

Hosting the PMGO in Uzbekistan represents a bold move to expand the reach of esports and bring high-level competitions to new regions. This not only provides local fans an unprecedented opportunity to witness top-tier esports action but also encourages the growth of the gaming community in Central Asia.

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The Evolution of PMGO

The PUBG Mobile Global Open was first introduced in 2024 as a key component of the revamped esports ecosystem for the game. The inaugural event in São Paulo, Brazil, was a tremendous success, drawing a peak viewership of 510,000 according to Esports Charts.

This set a high standard for future events, and the 2025 edition aims to surpass these achievements.

Past Success and Future Prospects

  • 2024 Edition: Held in São Paulo, Brazil
    • Peak Viewership: 510,000
    • Reception: Widely regarded as a “great success” by the game’s creators.
  • 2025 Edition: Set for Uzbekistan
    • Unique Location: First major international esports event in the country
    • Potential Impact: Significant growth and exposure for the local esports scene.

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High Stakes and Big Rewards

The stakes for the 2025 PMGO are incredibly high, with the tournament expected to feature the best PUBG Mobile teams from around the world.

This event will likely draw substantial attention, especially considering the success of PUBG Mobile in other major tournaments, such as the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, which boasts a prize pool of $3 million for the PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024.


The 2025 PUBG Mobile Global Open in Uzbekistan is poised to be a landmark event, combining top-tier competitive action with the exploration of new frontiers in the esports world. As the community gears up for this unique experience, the tournament promises to deliver thrilling matches and unforgettable moments.

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