The Decline of Promod Esports: Financial Turbulence and Its Ripple Effects in the VALORANT Community

The Decline of Promod Esports: Financial Turbulence and Its Ripple Effects in the VALORANT Community

21. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Promod Esports, a UK-based esports tournament operator and agency, has recently declared bankruptcy, leaving a noticeable void in the esports community, particularly within the VALORANT scene.

Financial Hardships Leading to Bankruptcy

Promod’s descent into financial instability has been a concerning development. With reported debts to players and staff members, the company’s operational challenges have come to the fore.

Charlotte Willmott, a producer and observer, highlighted outstanding payments for her production work in events such as the FIA Formula E Accelerate series and Beacon Bingo. The owed sum amounts to over £1,400, reflecting the depth of Promod’s fiscal issues.

Staff Layoffs and Unpaid Salaries

The bankruptcy led to the unfortunate dismissal of the entire staff. Jake Murton, Promod’s former Director of Production, publicly addressed the layoffs. These job losses have not only affected individual livelihoods but have also raised concerns about the broader implications for those connected to the esports industry.

Impact on VALORANT Regional League (VRL) and Riot Games’ Response

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Riot Games has responded to the situation by suspending its partnership with Promod for the VALORANT Regional League (VRL) Northern Europe: Polaris. The absence of Promod leaves a significant gap in the VRL structure. Riot is considering consolidating the Northern Europe VRL with the DACH region’s VRL as a potential remedy.

Promod’s Role in the VALORANT Ecosystem

Promod’s involvement in the VALORANT scene was notable, especially with the organization of the Valorant Regional League in Northern Europe. The Polaris competition was an essential platform for players in the UK, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, offering a pathway to the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT).

Legal Disputes and Management’s Statements

Amidst these developments, James Dean, a key figure associated with Promod, has distanced himself from the organization’s recent operations, citing ongoing legal disputes. This adds another layer of complexity to the unraveling of Promod Esports.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The collapse of Promod Esports serves as a cautionary tale within the esports industry. It underscores the need for sustainable business practices and the importance of supporting staff and players. As we look towards the future, it is imperative for esports organizations to prioritize financial stability and ethical management to prevent similar occurrences.